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Finally A OnePlus Phone That Works On Verizon! The OnePlus 6T May Be The First!

OnePlus 6T Release Date

One of the major drawbacks of the OnePlus lineup is that the phones have been built to work on GSM networks only. This means that phones released by OnePlus in the past have not worked on Sprint and Verizon here in the USA. That eliminates a major part of the US market.

The OnePlus 6T will be officially announced on October 29. One thing I am hoping to see is CDMA compatibility. PCMag is reporting that the OnePlus 6T might work on Verizon! The 6T will most likely be LTE only. The phone will support Band 13 for Verizon which has been  missing in previous devices. Verizon is apparently currently working on certifying OnePlus’s new device. Hopefully if Verizon can get it certified we will see the 6T gain a bit more traction here in the USA, and who knows maybe OnePlus will be able to ink out a carrier deal for next year.


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Transparent Back Mod For Any Android or iPhone

The insides of tech devices with all the electronics and circuitry can be mesmerizing to look at. The way manufacturers are able to pack so much tech into such tiny spaces is impressive to say the least. Most of today’s top smartphones include a glass back which allows for better signal reception and other features like wireless charging. The glass is normally painted on the backside blocking your view of the electronics inside.

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Do NOT Buy The Galaxy S9


The Galaxy S9 is hands down one of the best devices on the market right now. That being said I have some serious regrets with my purchase after having used the phone for the past several weeks. Before upgrading to this device you should check out this video.