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-[MOD] Powerboost V2.2 Universal Unthrottle! LIVE 12/06/11 5 devices

Home to the Multi-Device MOD known as PowerBoost (PB)
Same PB, New Thread
***1300 posts 120,000 views in 3.5 months B-) ***12/4/11
V2.2 RC Live for the DX, D2, D2G, BIONIC, and Samsung Fascinate
Rest will be included soon :)We’ve Found the Breakthrough!
Attached Image: Power_Boost.png

***It is HIGHLY recommended that you reflash your current ROM to return all system files to pre-mod state(i.e. erases all PB mods from/system)

Thanks to ALL the help I have received from the awesome dev’s that this community has:
(I’m sure I have missed someone so let me know)

JRummy16 for all his help on script work
Droid Th3ory for believing in PB and baking it into Th3ory Pacx.
DXC for the door that led me to find the exploit
RaidZero for his awesome RZrecovery

Testers YOU are the reason that this MOD develops so quickly and I am able to keep this updated. Without your eagerness to find the bugs to make this stable it would be months between updates instead of whatever it is now. :P

*Unthrottled Data –Now Universal to ALL devices
*Build.Prop Edits
*SD card read Ahead
*File System Boost
*Sysctl.conf tweaks
*Swap (For the Devices that support it)
*PowerBoost Conservative CPU Gov (Modified Conservative)
*Many Init.d scripts
-Fix Perms on Boot
-Recovery on Every Boot
-Wipe Cache and/or Dalvik Cache
-Droid Th3ory’s Dirty Battery Calibration Script (To be added back in next release –Updated)
*Togglemods script to toggle ALL installed mods easily.
*Internal zip method of installing mods
*Recovery Swap (EVO:CWM/RZR/Amon RA ; Rest: CWM/RZR)

None found yet :)


(Please Read the Install Instructions in Post Below Thoroughly!)

***Also located in unthrottle folder)

UPDATED LINK 2 (12-8-11)


Included in Update:

×Setup.sh will contain correct directory from extract
×Other small coding fixes for setup.sh
xTesting new tweaks(0vermind {DX2 dev})
xWorking on D2/D2G

xFascinate Support Added

xSQLite3 Fix

To be added in later.

****V2.2Install Instructions (Video Coming)***

###2.2 Install
***Reccomend Reflashing ROM prior to install to make sure of seamless installation***Busybox v1.19.0.git.adrynalyne is REQUIRED for the full functionality of this script. Downloadable via script :)***For an explanation of each MOD or feature type PBhelp
***If any FC’s occur on initial boots of flashes, please reboot to rectify the issues
***Now features universal unthrottle exploit

1) Extract PB2.2.zip
2) Open terminal and type:

sh sdcard/extracted/PB2.2/setup.sh

*or using script manager run setup.sh as root
***Once this finishes device will reboot
3) Open terminal and type:


4) Run Option 1—>1 to create backup directory
5) Use rest of menu to select mods to be installed. (Option 2-5)
6) If interested in utilizing RZrecovery, select option 9.
7) Exit from Main Menu by selecting option 10.
***This Step is CRUCIAL to the mods being installed***
8) Script will ask you to select your device and finalize flashme.zip
9) After exiting, you will see prompt to flash flashme.zip
***If using RZrecovery, boot to recovery and navigate to /sdcard/unthrottle/ and select flashme.zip
***If using ClockWorkMod, select zip like normal and flash flashme.zip
10) Once phone reboots open terminal and type:

11) The menu will display the mods that you selected to install from powerboost, all showing in the off Status
***Enter the number for each mod you would like to turn ON and press enter
12) Reboot Normally
***If utilizing PowerBoost Conservative CPU Gov, open a overclocking app (AOC, SetCPU, Rom Toolbox, etc) and select conservative if it is not already an option.
13) Open powerboost script again(see Step#2–sysrw not required) and choose option #6 to check mods)
14) Reap the Rewards


RC status acheived on DX, D2/D2G, and BIONIC. New thread started for all 9 devices-- all devices linked to one thread
Universal Unthrottle Exploit Found. 2.1.0 scrapped and 2.2 in progress. Will feature much smaller zip, 1000 fewer lines of code, and only 1 zip for all devices.
Released Exclusively on DX MIUI ICS 1.11.9 test build.
Includes MANY MANY changes that will be addressed here upon official MD release.
MAJOR Overhaul of entire script.
*Check for busybox and installs correct version.
*Added support of ;
-NS4G MIUI, CM7, and Oxygen 2.3 ROM
-EVO 4G Kingdom rewind 3d rom support
-DROID BIONIC [R3]BLURR3D v1.7 PBX support (Its already baked in that ROM :wink2:)
-Droid X CM7 9.15, 9.29 build support, and MIUI GB support
-Vortex ROM support(v2.0 and up)
-Liberty ROM support(v0.8)
-ICX 605 ROM support
-Liquid 3.0 support
-DROID X2 Eclipse v1.0 support
*checks throughout unthrottle process to make sure directories are in place
*Functional restore script that completely deletes all powerboost mods
*checktweaks script to make sure they installed correctly.
*Brand NEW interface for script.
*Much easier initial set-up process and much easier install process; no more need for Script Manager
*All scripts[unthrottle, checkmods, restore, mods] included in ONE script for added ease of use
*Allows users to pick DEVICE, ROM, and NIGHTLY/VERSION[if applicable]
*More tweaks
v1.9 abandoned. v1.95 in the works.major changes to be included.
Finally got script to cooperate with new updates. Cron, sysctl, sdcard speeds, file system tweaks, and more. New project home linked to google code. Succesfully tested on roms.
-Correct process of replacing classes.dex corrected by swapping out entire services.jar file. Script edited.
-Script optimized for increased speed and stability by including WORKING build.prop edits that are compatible with MIUI.
-Script Written and executable. Strips services.jar of all throttling files.