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  • DroidXcetra

    This is fantastic! Do I still have to SBF to stock Froyo to go from Liberty 2.0.1 to GB 2.3.3 (4.5.602)?

  • Musixian

    New one click root worked like a champ! now how do I get my win7 machine to use the internet through my droidx? Win7 sees the network but not the internet 🙁

    • admin

      Well… vzw has blocked wireless tether in all gingerbread builds so you could use pdanet to usbtether…or you can sbf back to froyo to use wireless tether

      • Musixian

        Got it… After running through most of the availble programs EZtether got-r-done! Thanks DMX!

      • Musixian

        OK. So I cant get into recovery mode using power/home – search buttons. That stoopid little droid with the exclamation point just sits there and mocks me… or do I just need the Clockwork BSR software after rooting?

        • admin

          Try volumeup+down

          • Musixian

            Tried – No love. Still being mocked. No other mods on the DX other than what is stated above… (?)hmmmm..

  • Musixian

    Got it… Took a chance and DL the DX BSR… $3 gamble and works like… well, you know. Thanks! Now its time for that Shuji ROM!

  • MoJo

    does this root method work for Droid 2 with OTA gingerbreads?

    • admin

      MoJo… yes it will work on Droid2 with ota gingerbread

  • SilveradoCoA

    id just like to personally thank you for all the work youve done with making these videos. it has made hacking my phone a million times easier. tytytytytytyty!!!

  • Musixian


    • Musixian

      Thanks to DMX, MobileSensei aand the rest of the crew. DX running Shuji 2.1 – working on day 2 of battery life, UI is fantastic and extra tools are great! Keep up the great work, guys!

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  • dxlnt1

    how can this be done on a mac? I tried the easy root method and keep getting error,

    “You must extract the entire contents of the zip file and then run this script
    ! from the directory where the zip was extracted.

    [Process completed]”

    What to do?