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New Roms and Themes still coming in full force for The DX

Lots of great stuff being churned out on a daily basis for your DroidX. Check out the latest Roms for your DroidX. Shuji2.2 and SenseMod602 by Mobile Sensei, Also the new VortexAlpha1.4 has been released by newcomer DeVortex! Cm7forDX on GB Kernel is now in a pretty stable state as well. I am still holding out hope that we will see an HTC Sense port for the DroidX not because i just really want HTC Sense on my DroidX but because I just love to test things. It seems as if P3Droid has moved on to better things and has retired Tranquility. 🙁 Bummer, but we havent seen the last of him! Can you say IceCream Sandwhich. It drops in late October so expect an early leaked rooted release from P3Droid! So glad that this phone will live on for months to come!

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  • Musixian

    Flashed the Shuji 2.2 last night on my DX… Super smooth (it was good before) and fast. Still getting about 2 days out of the battery. Quadrants at 1650, up about 300 from stock root. Keep up the great work guys!

  • jason

    any idea how to fix the bluetooth problem on AOSP Liberty, Shuji 2.2, ect? It will pair, but errors when you connect the call. I really want to use one of these, but as a truck driver bluetooth is a must! if they have released a fix for it, let me know, will ya?


  • Musixian

    Good cal jason… I havent tried mine yet since flaching the ROM…

  • http://q Dora The Explora

    On Shuji 2.2., why swyper no swyping? I miss the east of texting…

    • Musixian

      Install GO SMS and Keyboard from the market… Swype will be availible then.


  • Musixian

    Installed LauncherPro 0.8.6 over Shuji 2.2… Now I have the best of both worlds, Shuji styling, 7 home pages and 3D App Drawer!


  • Rick

    Can you point me in the direction for deodexed for droid x 2.3.3 (4.5.605). I am root with Motorola one click root. And are there any themes for this build. Thanks

  • Randy

    Is there a fix for not being able to add facebook account yet? (Sensei-mod 602 v3). I seen a few threads out there with zip files to fix but they wont download. other than that it’s flawless.