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New UPdate for Apex 2.0.0 now RC4!

Hey guys! So BigXie has finally released an update to the coveted Apex Rom it is still in Release Candidate stage, but this newest version fixes some bugs mainly the Market bug. You can now buy apps from the android market with this Rom. Before you had to purchase apps from the website and have them synced to the phone. It also updates this Rom to the newest Moto Base 4.5.605.  Anyhow this update is a good reason to throw Apex on the phone even if its just for nostalgia! Hopefully we will soon get a full 2.1 update with apex toolbox! but until then enjoy!

Grab the latest update as well as install instructions here!

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  • ripncny

    Love apex, but is there anyway to get back the aosp dialer/phone/contacts, even if bluetooth has bugs…or can I flash .602 apex if I’m on .605?

    • admin

      You can install the .602 version but it will downgrade you

      • ripncny

        Do you see a Shuji ROM for .605 coming anytime soon?

  • frostyicy

    It has it also updates this rom to the newest Moto Base.605. So can this be flashed from .605 or do you have to be on .602?

  • Nate

    Should be able to flash .605 with anything that says it needs .602. Pending your wipe data. I believe .605 update was just keyboard fix.

    • admin

      Thats correct just keyboard fix

  • frostyicy

    Is there anyway when flashing a new rom to still keep call log and sms/mms messages from the previous rom?

    I have call log back back up and restore and sms/mms back up and restore. The call log works fine, yet the sms one has the droid x timestamp issues and the messages are totally outta order. Anyone know messages can be transferred from one rom to the next?