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[MOD] Power Boost Script 2.0 LIVE! 3g boost, unthrottle + other mods multiple devices

Guys its finally live and ready to go on multiple devices with support for multiple roms. This Cool new script packs lots of mods, like cpu governor, 3g unthrottle, and too many others to list. You will notice a difference after running unthrottle mod, just open up your youtube app and notice how there is magically no more buffering. You gotta try this mod!

Grab the flashible .zip and instructions here!

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  • Braden

    I was wondering dose MIUI 1.10.7 is there a need to do this for the 3g and that link to the site will not let me download from it.

    • daniel

      use firefox from market and it will let u download

    • admin

      Install download all files from the market

  • Mike

    I have a rooted DROID x running stock rom. I did not see a choice for the stock rom when prompted to select rom. Do I need to run a custom rom to unthrottle?

    • admin

      yes you should be on one of the supported roms

  • Rick

    I followed all the steps exactly and I am not noticing a difference in 3g speed. I am running liquid 3.0 on droidx. I followed the script exactly and chose unthrottle.

    • Mike

      I am running liquid 3.0 and my speedtest do show a difference the top 3 test are after using unthrottle and the bottom are after downloading script

  • Rick

    I am still getting buffering in you tube and 3g speed seems the same.

  • Rick

    i ran this script but I didn’t see any changes how do I revert.

  • Nate

    Ran the script from MIUI 1.10.7, no difference. 3g speeds seem slower. I reverted back with nandroid backup. The first time you ran the script you should have created a backup, there is an option to switch back. To completely get rid of it reflash your ROM or SBF.

  • Austin

    My results for 3g unthrottling:
    650-700 kbps down
    350-450 up
    900-1100 down
    550-650 up

    I definately think it was worth it. I’m running MIUI 1.10.7. Tested using speedtest.net app from the market.

    • Josh

      Hey Austin:

      How did you download this .zip file. I even registered with the website and couldn’t figure it out. Thanks.


  • Nate

    Anyone actually get this to work for them?

  • Josh

    How do you install this from the link? All is see are a few video ads and an audio bar? No place to click to download the .zip! Dontcha hate rookies like me?! LMBO!! Thanks for any and all responses.

  • Rick

    I ran speed test and i am getting an average of 1400kbps download and 650 upload, but i still get buffering when watching youtube videos….what gives?

    • jason

      Check your CPU speed. I was getting major lag on Simply Stunning, and found that my CPU speed was set at 300mhz Max default. Bumped it up to 1100 with Droid x overclocker and no more lag, no more buffering.

  • Mitch

    Yo where’s the list of supported rom’s for DroidX? I’m running a ROM by Mobile Sensei on .602. Is that compatible?

    • admin

      The list is there in the changelog

  • Nate

    I guess it depends on where you live at??? I see no difference. It seems like every time I run a speed test my signal drops down to two bars. Something must be up with my DX, I’m on my second one. I’m thinking about calling them and asking about my data cutting in and out.

  • qstyllion

    i cant get the script right says no file found for second script. I have a nexus s help please… i need to unthrottle bad!:( qstyllion@gmail.com

    • jason

      Yeah, a friend is having the same issues on evo 4g running kingdom rewind. All other mods work, but unthrottle fails every time.

      • admin

        Unthrottle is the only thing that is rom specific… you have to be on a supported rom

        • jason

          maybe we misread it, but i thought it said kingdom rewind was a supported rom.

  • jason

    i followed the instructions to the letter. i have a droid x running simply stunning. this process sent my phone into a bootloop, and eventually completely bricked it. had to sbf to .602 and reroot.

    can’t stress this enough! know how to sbf and root your phone yourself, and always backup your rom before trying anything.

    • Tyrone

      i have a droid x running simply stunning 2.1 and i tried it too and the same thing went wrong with my dx. but when i tried to restore it would not let me so pissed

      • jason

        I was able to restore, but my download speed was horrible. I reinstalled a cm7 build I already had and its running fine now. When I get the time, I’m going to flash back to froyo, take the ota, reroot and reinstall simply stunning. I think that’s the only way to completely remove this garbage.

        • jason

          I would also get rid of any backups you had prior to all this. Remanants of this unthrottle might be left on a backup either in data or cache. Flash a Rom from scratch and create a new backup.

  • Droidx90250

    i get into check mods and i get this…

    99BMC does not exist.
    99CWR does not exist.
    dirty battery script not in place….

    • Admin

      Yea, this is a known issue.. if you did the mod it is there

  • JP

    Hey, after you Unthrottle the droid x. Does it stay unthrottled always? like if i go to another ROM like liquid for example will my phone still be Unthrottled? And is there a away to prove and see it’s Unthrottled?

  • John Messina

    I like the idea that you have the ROM overview first on your video and then how to install it. I would FF to ROM overview anyway. Saves time.

  • zach

    I have a DROID X running the new ICX .605 rom and when I run the script everything is fine intill I try an untrottle it says:
    ICX ROM…based off 605 OTA
    cp: can’t stat ‘/sdcard/unthrottle/jar_files/ICX/services.jar’: No such file or directory

    • admin

      you need to uninstall and reinstall