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FINALLY The Eagle Takes Flight Again!! Liberty X 3 RC1 realease!

 Finally after several weeks of Beta testing Kejar31 and TeamLiberty have released the first release candidate for Liberty 3 on the DroidX. This is still just a RC and is basically just the roms base, but they are feverishly working on themeing and all the other Goodies you have come to expect from Team Liberty! These are very exciting times for the DroidX.

Grab the new Rom here! 

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  • Icecoldbeer

    Just installed it…. so far it runs pretty good.

  • Rick

    Can this be flashed over liquid 3.0?

    • Icecoldbeer

      Yea I did. Just make a back up and clear everything and use clockworks to install

  • alan

    dont see too many comments. How are people liking this so far?

    • anonymous

      its awesome my favorite rom ive ever ran. It is super smooth and is beutiful. IVe tried all the roms posted on this site and this is definately top three easy

  • alan

    dont see too many comments How are people liking this so far?

  • ptron

    Its like a cm Tom but not nearly as customizeable I like the liberty gb v.9 better

  • Cronek28

    Is anybody having any issues with bluetooth on this rom? I’m having a problem connecting to my cordless phone (link to cell) it worked on my shuji but now will not connect. Any ideas?