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Vortex Beta updated to 2.9

DevVortex the developer of the Vortex Rom for your DroidX has been hard at work perfecting his Rom! He has updated the rom to version 2.9. The big feature of this update is the new Vortex Toolbox App, which will include lots of goodies. Definitely worth an install. You know its gonna be stable. You know its gonna have boss battery life. You know its gonna be great coming from the guy who brought us Reboot options in the power menu for the moto kernel and other amazing stuff!

Grab the Rom here with info and install instructions.

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  • Bryson

    This is great. Does it have gesture lockscreen?

  • Bryson

    Not to be negative but the toolbox only comes with 3 options. That’s it. And the battery icon options doesn’t work.

    • admin

      Yea it is exciting to see fresh development on the dx… im sure there will be more features added to the toolbox as the rom progresses

  • ripncny

    Need to accept phone reboot after changing icons. I am enjoying this rom so far. Just the good blur included! Next maybe some lockscreen options?! Keep up the awesome work devvortex and dmx!

  • Qball32

    Battery icon options are working fine for me.

  • peter

    awesome everything works well like its a stock froyo rom

    the only rom so far that the bluetooth works right!!!!!!

    shuji rom is great but no bluetooth
    miui too much like iphone with no apperent advangtage plus it left me with out svc a bunch of times
    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  • Tyson

    Can I flash this rom over the custom stock rom ( Stock-Rooted-Deodexed 4.5.605 Gingerbread For Droid X) or do I need to sbf back to .602 and root then flash?

    • admin

      You should flash over. .605

  • Boofster

    Great Rom, I’m really enjoying the fact that i can still use real hdmi and still have the features of the comparing roms. Great job 🙂

  • frostyicy

    Does powerboost work with this rom? I don’t see it on the list.