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Liquid Smooth Rom UPDATED to 3.1 Grab it now


I have not had the chance to test this one out but, the only thing that needed fixing here was the camera so the assuption is that the camera has been fixed in this update. Please comment below if this is not so. This is a second init rom and can be installed over any GB kernel rom. However it is preferable to flash this from .605 or .602!

Grab the rom now! Download and Instructions HERE!

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  • frostyicy

    Anyone flashed yet???

    If so is the camera fixed? And is Battery life improved???

    • Caleb

      I just flashed it and haven’t had any problems with the camera thus far–I opened the camera several times and didn’t receive a FC at all, rebooted and tested again and still no FCs. Haven’t had it long enough to test the battery life.

      • frostyicy

        Cool. Keep us posted on the battery life.

  • Rick

    everything works great. however in the previous version when i would change themes the box that pops up when increasing or decreasing volume would also fit the them, for some reason when i switch themes now it keeps the same default color for the one particular box. any ideas?

    • Admin

      some themes wont have a themed framework.. i suggest that you reboot for all of the theme to take affect

  • Rick

    Is there a difference between installing the maindl or mirror.

  • Rick

    I am unable to play any videos that I have recorded with my phone….this was also an issue in 3.0

    • jtaran

      Rick. Download a video player from market. Then when u click a video in gallery it will ask u to use gallery or the alt video player u download check mark the check and click the alt video plauer… Works every video

  • deegge

    The battery seems better although it ran fine on 3.0 once I charged 100% and ran in the Battery Stats script. The camera works.
    If anyone had other issues with programs not working, try running the Fix Permissions script (Liquid Settings->Scripts->Fix Permissons.

    Post here any improvements (or not)

  • Rick

    Is anyone else having problems with video playback none of the videos that I have on my phone which I recorded with my phone will play…?

    • Kelly

      Your right ! Just recorded a test video and it wont play. Also forced closed on me. Re-opened and it says “cannot connect to camera” HHHMMMMM ? anyone have any answers ?

  • Kelly

    Downloaded this today and have no issues with it yet except the sounds. The audible selection not working on this. I placed a checkmark by it in sound settings to play a sound when making screen selections and nothing happens. Otherwise this thing is smooth as silk. Great battery life too.

  • Caleb

    I can’t seem to get the screen to not timeout after like 10 seconds–has anyone else had this problem? Its really annoying having to constantly hit the power button to unblack the screen.

  • juliusdominguez

    Flashed a day ago. Keeps telling my I don’t have an SD card. Anyone else with this problem or a fix??

    • admin

      try a reboot… wipedata/factory reset in stock recovery

    • valid

      put phone in charge mode

  • brian

    for some reason data is not working, 3g or wifi, anyone else?

    • admin

      data working fine for me … try a reboot

    • Jon

      Hey man my data is working fine but I am having a wifi issue after having this rom for a week I discovered after I tried to turn on wifi I got a error message so I was actually posting on this website and turning off the 3G data hack at the same time and after I rebooted my phone was on wifi! I don know if that is the cause of the wifi issue or not let me know if you had turned on the 3G hack too

      • admin

        It auto turns on after reboot to save 3g just turn it off in settings

  • ttavis323

    I was not able to send picture via mms

  • Lo

    Nfl mobile doesn’t work. 🙁

  • Rick

    Has anyone flashed this on Droid incredible? If so I have a Droid incredible that’s not rooted and on 2.2. Do I need to update to 2.3 ota before I can root and install this rom and lastly do I need to deodexed? All help is greatly appreciated.

  • matt

    The camera is working, but if you try to zoom it freezes. On the positive side the battery life is amazing…

  • Josh

    I was wondering about the weather widgets showed on this particular theme amongst others. I like the layout but can’t seem to find anything about it. Running a Droid X and love the rom. Any info would be great.


    • admin

      Beautiful widgets from msrket

  • Rick

    Open the camera and go into advanced settings and enable volume buttons for zoom that will allow you to zoom without freezing.

  • valid

    Just installed the ROM and set it up my way and making a backup of it as I type. The camera software zoom function did freeze so I restarted the camera and used the hard keys and works fine. The video playback also works.