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[Rom] Liberty3 For The Droidx 11/02 – Its Time For A Revolution!

The Release of Liberty 3 for the DX is finally here! Bugs have all been worked out. This Rom is completely stable, fast, great battery life, and tons of extras, including 1% battery increments, Source compiled apps, app widget picker, reboot options from power menu, Custom Launcher 2, Liberty Customizer, Lockscreen options, Root Toolbox and more! This Rom has the familiar liberty theme, and the customization options that you have come to expect from team liberty. You wont want to miss out on this incredible Rom!

Grab the Rom here + video 

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  • Nate

    What is your take on Liberty vs Liquid Smooth?

  • karl

    I just installed the rom and wow! its really fast snappy totally in love with it! Right now though i’m having and issue of internal storage full. when i look at the settings it shows i have 6gb free internal space. no matter what i do it wont let me install anything from the market. any ideas?

    • admin

      Try a reboot… if that doesn’t work try wiping data in stock recovery

      • karl

        do i do that by holding the power and the home button at the same time? if so it takes to me where i’m supposed to but then it freezes and i can’t do anything. kinda weird that its doing this to me because it never has before.

        • admin

          Just press volumeup+down to bring up the menu

          • karl

            thank you! found the issue. i was on an old version of liberty before this and i had a froyo only music mod version trying to download from the market. once that installed it froze up the market. rebooted and factory rest n didn’t let it download and everything is working fine! sorry for the noob mistake

    • karl

      where did you get it from?

  • matt

    its killing my battery pretty bad, just to let you know…

    • Masterchung

      have you tried calibrating your battery?

      • MATT

        Yes I have tried doing a battey stats wipe, actually I tried doing that twice..

  • Oz

    Is anyone else having Force Close issues with the status bar. I have wiped and flashed it twice; it crashes upon boot.

    • admin

      try reinstalling… this is a stable build you shouldnt be having problems like that

  • ripncny

    Love this ROM…very nice work. Just a few things for the devs. Blur alarm-which is perfect with dark background-shows pm if alarm is set for am and vice versa. The alarm does work correctly, so no big deal. Also, wish list: add brightness setting to pull down screen? Thanks for still giving a $&!^ about the DX!

  • ripncny

    Bug? Blur calendar does not sync with exchange outlook calendar. AOSP calendar no problem.I prefer the blur email because you can view forwarded attachments with smart forwarding off.I assume aosp email uses smart forwarding as default. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • Jeff

    Hey wutsup Shane! I installed the Liberty rom from your video and I have noticed terrible battery life. I even calibrated the battery twice. Can you provide me with details on what settings I should have everything on?

    I get about 6hrs with moderate use. Thanks again!

    • admin

      How old is your battery lol… my wife gets more than a day just using stock liberty setup you should be getting better than 6 hours id say let it settle in for a few days

  • brett

    once i reboot from bootstrap it will not go into recovery what to try next

    • admin

      It should go straight to clockwork if you reboot recovery from bionicbootstrap

  • Alex

    Superuser won’t update, only the binary, other than that this is is the most efficient rom available for the dx. Amazing battery life, excellent incorporation of cm7-like qualities such as the status bar toggle switches and 1% battery increments.This rom is superb.

  • admin

    Yes it can