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DevVortex has Finally Released his Release Candidate for Vortex Rom!

DevVortex has been plugging away at this Rom for our DroidXs for the past several months. He has polished it enough to bring to you his first Release Candidate! This Rom has all the bells and whistles! It is built on the .605 firmware and comes stock with all sorts of goodies like; a full Reboot menu from the power menu, toggles in the drop down notification, themed everything, start up scripts for enhanced performance and battery life, SuperLauncher2, Custom boot animation, a VortexBox which is full of mod goodies, and too much to list! Grab this Release Candidate now! I just hope he keeps plugging away on this device that just refuses to die!

Get the Rom here and Discuss!

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  • MiniWarLord

    I love this ROM but switched to LibertyX3 so that I could use swype again. Does this RC have swype? If not, how do I put it back on. I want to use this ROM!

    • cronek28

      the dev left swype off so you dont have to uninstall it. Swype beta can then be installed.

  • cronek28

    Thanks devvortex for the rom and Shane for the reviews and keeping dx alive…

  • bigboip

    How come its not letting me download the rom? Is anyone having the same problem?

    • admin

      I will look into it

    • cronek28

      I downloaded it right when it was released yeasterday without problems. I’m not haveing any problems with it yet, it seems really fast my only problem is I cant get 1% battery to work

      • cronek28

        installed unthrottle and 1%battery then changed icon with reboot like DevVortex recommended everything seems to be working great

        • ripncny

          Installed powerboost, unthrottle1% still cannot install battery icons. Previous vortex worked fine…any ideas? Also everything got smaller like my screen resolution changed, no big deal just strange.

  • Agibby

    Looks like it’s up and running. Thanks!

  • matt

    yeah def not letting you download the rom. please provide another link for the download. thx

    • admin

      Download link is fixed

  • Bluto

    How long does the bootlooping last? mine lasted forever yesterday

    • admin

      up to 10 minutes.. if it keeps bootlooping pull the battery, boot into stock recovery (hold home+power) when the android comes up press (volumeup+volumedown) to bring up menu, then select wipedata factory reset.

  • xtraDank

    I have been using the RC since the release and I sometimes have problems with it saying I need an internet connection. I have internet when it says this, not a big deal everything still works just annoying. Besides that its a Great ROM! Thanks DevVortex!

    • xtraDank

      I was using radar now one of the times it happened but it happens with other apps also.

  • droidxuser

    This is by far the best rom I have ever used. Everything works perfect. Had some trouble at first getting the battery icons to work but I finally figured it out and installed the 1% icon and its amazing! This rom is a keeper!