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Liberty 3 V2.0 even more customization! DL NOw!

Liberty 3 v2.0 is now here and it comes with a whole list of new customization options. The newest addition to this update is the new theme manager which allows you to easily change the color scheme of the rom on the fly. For the new Theme manager to work however you will need to download the Liberty Customizer donate app from the market. All other customizations will work fine in the Rom as is like 1% battery increments, ad block, app widget picker, reboot options.Also 8 new lockscreens and status bar tweaks can be found in liberty customizer free version which is included in the rom.

Grab this rom now and discuss here


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  • Rick

    Help? Anytime I go into theme manager i select donate and it redirects me to the market, but then it shows item. Not found.

    • admin

      Search for “liberty customizer” donate version in the market

  • Rick

    Is there any way to get wifi tethering on this ROM?

    • admin

      Did you try the wugfresh tether patch? It worked for me on rc1.1

  • Wes

    Try Barnacle! It works flawlessly on most Roms, including Liberty!

  • skyskioc

    Shane, Tried to install this rom and it just sits on the boot logo and does nothing else. had to do a battery pull and it put me into CWR. I did another wipe data and cashe and wiped dalvick and then re installed. It did the same thing just sits on the boot logo and does nothing else. Did another battery pull back to CWR and re-installed LIQUID 3.2. Dont know what the issue is. Can you shed any light on this ? Thanks

    • Wes

      Try downloading the ROM again. I tried an old Liberty 2 or 3 months ago and ran into the same problem. I gave up on it and over that time have seen people with the same issue and redownloading seems to work. If that wouldnt work, SBF and should work after that.

  • Alex

    Modifying the text in the status bar still doesn’t work. Only bug I have encountered after a week of using this great rom.

  • ripncny

    Is anyone else having problems installing this? As soon as I reboot it goes into bootloader…then I have to sbf. Is there something I’m not doing first. I wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, wipe Dalvik…maybe a bad file?