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POWERBoost RC2.2 is here! Featuring Universal Unthrottle! DL now!

PowerBoost version 2.2 is finally here! It will be supported on 4 devices in this release candidate with support for even more devices in the near future. The current devices that are supported are DroidX, Droid2, Droid2G, and Bionic. This latest update includes the new “Universal Unthrottle” mod. Universal means it will work with any Rom or firmware version where as before it would only work on a select number of  supported roms. This also includes a list of other significant mods such as cpu governer, togglemods script, sdcard read ahead and much more!

Grab the script here!

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  • Nate

    Link is dead.

  • Icecoldbeer

    Hello all… does this support vortexgb rc1?

  • Wen Wes

    Tried to install busybox app from market and phone boot locked. Any suggestions?

  • DK

    Having a problem with this…I dont have an extractable sd card folder. Theres a label there that says “sdcard-ext” but its not in folder format. How do I fix this? Thanks.

    • admin

      It should be inside the sdcard

  • zach

    when I try to unthrottle it says “sqlite3 not found”. what should I do? im running ICX .605 ROM on DROID x of course.

  • skyskioc

    Zach, I get the same error. I did a complete wipe data factory reset and wipe cashe and dalvik too and it still said the same thing. I think there is an issue with powerboost 2.2 hopefully they can fix it soon. Shane can you help shed some light on this issue ? Thanks for all you do Shane. Keep up the great vids.

  • admin

    Strange… sqlite3 is an app… I wonder if it would help to dl it from the market?

    I have that app on my phone but I had no clue it was required… its probably not. Ill ask the dev the next time I see he’s on gtalk

  • admin

    Its fixed the download link has been updated!

  • skyskioc

    Shane do we have to start all over again with the new download. Do we just ‘re run the updated version and do it all over again?

    • admin

      Remove the previous version just delete everything and install this

  • zach

    thank you so much. im downloading it now thanks again

  • Simon

    when i try to run setup.sh in terminal emulator it says I dont have root?

    • admin

      You must type “su” first to give terminal emulator super user permissions

      • Simon

        damn. im a dumbass. thanks.

  • Simon

    when i select dx as phone, i get a cannot create error.

  • Vince

    I have tried this process 3 times. sbf’ed, and on 3 different ROMS. but everytime i do the unthrottle it always slows my phone down big time. my system panel cpu is always above 98% and never goes lower. I dont if im doing something wrong but im very familiar with all these rooting/modding processes

    • Tyson

      I hear you took fifteen minutes to download 3mb from market. So much for unthrottling

    • jason

      Same problem here. I give up on it. I’ve tried it on 3 different roms and always bogs down the phone. I’ve tried overclocking to compensate to no.avail.

  • Matt Lang

    I have loaded it on my Bionic running Liberty3 v2.0 and for some reason I can’t get the cpu gov to work.  I use Jrummy’s Rom Toolbox and the conservative cpu gov is not listed.  I have tried reloading the rom and powerboost, and still not working.  Anything that you can suggest would be helpful.  Thanks

  • caleb

    Do you have to redo this after you flash sbf?

    • Anonymous


  • Lococonartist

    I downloaded and ran the script and i followed your video and instructions as posted. But my phone started overheating. Like 135f. Battery wouldnt hold a fullslice charge for au while. I didn’t install anything but the unthrottle. I nandroided back to before I ran pb2.2 and seems to b faster than ever. My wifi T is round 2.5m now

    • Lococonartist

      Any idea y the overheating?