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GalaxyNexus- Liquid Rom updated to Beta2 tons of customizations and mods!


Liquid has reached Beta and is really beginning to come together! This Rom includes tons of mods and customizatin such as Liquid Controls to modify the soft keys, custom liquid bootanimation, build optimization and tweaks, NOva Launcher, titanium backup, T9 dialer, latest Imoseyon kernel and lots more!


Grab the Rom here and discuss!

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  • Jmessina

    Looks like the DroidX is no longer being supported here. Is this true? I haven’t seen any new ROM’s or updates for the DroidX since last December.

    • Anonymous

      Its really not being supported anywhere. Development on the droidx is pretty much non exist ant these days 🙁

  • Blaine Evans

    What’s a Droid X?

  • Dylanthong

    Since the droid x is no longer supported, which latest and best rom would you recommend?

  • DroidXFanatic

    The Droid X is still being supported on this site, there are tons of Droid X roms to choose from with Froyo and Gingerbread, Shane just cant make videos of roms that don’t exist lol. The reality is that there are new phones with unlocked bootloaders. The Droid X is awesome but its getting old. I still love mine and can still choose different roms. If you want new roms to try out, you should get a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Atontd galaxy nexus

    Where is the face recognition feature?