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Touch ClockWorkMod Recovery CWMR by Koush is officially in the works

Above is a working proof of concept of the official Koush supported Touch Recovery! For those of you on the Galaxy Nexus you know that ClockworkModRecovery is currently clunky and not intuitive at all. Koush aims to change that with the upcoming release of his touch recovery. The way this will work is the menu options will become buttons. It looks like it is already working pretty flawlessly. Koush claims that the only thing left to work on are the looks and graphics. We have already seen a touch base recovery for the Galaxy Nexus by unstableapps but it is not official and is not supported by the developer of ClockWorkMod Recovery. This is unreleased for now. Check back here often as I will post the appropriate links when this becomes available.


Check out Unstableapps version of TouchBaseRecovery which is currently working on the Galaxy Nexus.



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