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New Motorola “Just Right” Size Custom Devices Will Run Stock Vanilla Android!



Here is some pretty exciting news! It looks like the next lineup of Motorola devices will come preloaded with Stock Android! The devices will also use the “right size” of display. Moto is deciding to use a “better is better” vs “bigger is better” mentality. Apparently these devices will have very slim bezels, displays being nearly edge to edge, much like the RazrM.

According to PC Mag these phones will be perfect for those who love stock android and normal sized displays. They should be released sometime in the second half of this year, and should be released under one brand! This may be the end of the line for the “Droid” lineup at least from Moto.

I looks like the device will be sold through google like the Nexus lineup. These devices will come with no bloat while devices brought directly from carriers may have some branded apps.

Via AndroidGuys

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