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Customize Your Motorola X Phone. 20 Colors To Choose From!


Rumors abound for the upcoming X phone by Motorola! We have heard nothing from Google or Motorola specifically about this device. We have heard from plenty of sources that the phone coming down the pipeline is not impressive and others that it is ground breaking. Lately we have heard all kinds of rumors about the X Phone being very customizable. Yesterday we heard that the device would come with a “right size” screen, and that the phone would be designed around that idea that “better is better” instead of “bigger is better”.

Today phonearena sources are saying that the Motorola X Phone will be available in 20 different colors. Apparently you won’t be able to customize the phone in the way of hardware specs, rather the customization will come with the outward appearance of the phone. Would this sway you from purchasing another device? Color on its own would not sway me in any way. This phone will need to have more up its sleeve to impress me.

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