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Keep Unlimited Data With Verizon’s Device Payment Plan!

A few days ago Verizon announced a new Device Payment Plan similar to T-Mobile. After the petition reached over 100,000 views Verizon has decided to give us what we want! With the new plan you will be able to purchase a device at full cost over a 12 month period if you are qualified. The plan includes a $2 per device finance charge each month. The Device Payment Plan will allow you to upgrade whenever you want, and it will not in any way affect your current plan. Which means if you have the unlimited data plan you would now be able to upgrade and keep your current unlimited data plan! This is pretty exciting news. There are a few stipulations with the new Device Payment Plan.

You will be able to use this with phones costing $349 or more. You have 12 months to pay for the phone or tablet in full. There is a finance charge of $24 broken down in to 12 payments of $2 per month. You can choose to use Data Share and Share Everything Plans. You can pay the full balance of the phone at any time. You can only have 2 installment plans per customer with approved credit. You can only have installments for $1000 at a time.

This system could really work well for those of us who love to have the latest and greatest devices at all times!

Via Droid-Life

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