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Customize Your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Color Metal Back Plates!


If you don’t like the sub premium feel of the plastic back plate that comes with your Samsung Galaxy S4 no worries. There are some metal covers showing up on ebay. They come in just about any color you can think of to add not only a bit of a higher end feel but also a bit of customization! Who needs a case. You can grab this back plate for only $10.


Via Ebay / Droid-Life



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  • fartbubbler

    Will the metal back plate affect signal at all?

    • Anonymous

      I have not tested it but i would not think so

    • cool

      Ofcourse not, any way the signal does not come from the back of the phone, the antenas are all on the sides

  • Anonymous

    That’s my concern. There are many radios in a device