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HTC First Now .99 On Contract! Who Would Have Guessed!


Well that didn’t take long. The Facebook bloat phone has been officially reduced from $99 to $.99. I am still not sure that anyone will buy this. Facebook Home was really strange to me and I loaded it to my Galaxy Note 2 and only kept it for about 2 hours before i was really sick of it. Chat heads is interesting and I would love to see some form of that integrated into Google services. Other than that I can’t believe this device has had as much attention as it has. Is anyone interested in this device for $.99? I think it should be free. You couldn’t pay me to use it!

On the bright side you can actually turn off Facebook Home in the settings and you get stock Android! The specs are pretty sweet for $.99. The decision is a bit more difficult when you consider these points.


Via AT&T

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