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Google Releases Hangout’s (aka Babel) Unifies Chat Services Across Platforms!


You may have noticed around lunchtime today that your Google Talk went haywire! That is because today at Google I/O the new Hangouts was released! This will officially replace Talk. Hangouts allows you to finally share photos during chat sessions and includes new emojis. Video calls can now be held between up to 10 people at a time. This could kill skype in my opinion. You can watch public hangouts on air. The neatest part about Hangouts is that it works across platforms. You can get the app for IOS, Android and Chrome OS. This means that you could have a video chat between someone on an Ipad and someone on a Nexus10! This is great news for me as my wife has an Ipad and I have a Nexus Tablet! Is anyone else stoked about this?!


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