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Google Unveils Stock Android Galaxy S4 At I/O Today!


The most exciting news coming out of Google I/O today has to be Google’s unveiling of the Stock Android Galaxy S4! This is huge in my opinion. This means that OEMs like Samsung are aware of the vocal few. We have been asking for skinless devices from these OEMs, and have been demanding unlocked bootloaders, and now Samsung delivers! If this were available on Verizon I would order one today since they are currently my carrier. For now I will keep my VZW S4 preorder. I kind of feel sorry for the folks who just shelled out big bucks for the TW variant of this same device on their carrier. I am sure some of them would have rather had this phone. I wonder if other OEMs are even considering this sort of option for their upcoming devices? If not we always have Cyanogen Mod!

Via Google I/O

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