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HTC One Headed To Verizon Afterall


As you all know Verizon has announced the Droid DNA will be Free until May 21. Who knows this could be to rid stores of stock to clear the way for another device. Verizon has also mentioned that they will be making a HUGE announcement on May 22.


A new device with the model ID PNO73XX has just passed WIFI certification and is headed to Verizon. Apparently this device is the same device as the internal model ID M7_WLV. We know the “M7” to be the HTC One! This is pretty convincing. It has been pretty well accepted that we would not see an HTC One on Verizon since HTC was not willing to allow the One to be bloated down with Verizon Garbage. Instead we were expecting to see an updated version of the Droid DNA. Maybe Verizon has seen the crazy success of the HTC One on other networks, and has come to their senses.


What do you guys think? Will we be seeing an HTC One on Verizon? If so are you buying it instead of the S4 or do you already have that phone preordered?


Via DroidForums

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Henderson/100002214576011 Robert Henderson

    Yes, if it has a 5″screen, SD card and a big removable battery.