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No More Rumors! The Motorola X Phone Is REAL!


It is official. We can stop with the rumors and all of the crazy speculation of a unicorn device! Yesterday at D11 Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that the company is working on a flagship device called the “Moto X”! Who knows if this has been a project in the pipeline or just a clever way to feed the machine. Either way this is exciting news that has moto fan boys erupting in cheers of joy. Not only will this be a phone to hopefully bring Motorola back from the dead, it is also a device that will bring manufacturing jobs to the states.

The Moto X will be manufactured in Texas in a 480,000 square foot facility. Woodside stated that the Moto X will be the first ever smartphone built in the US. That is something to be proud of. This phone will be built to directly compete with the Iphone and Galaxy series of phones. There have been no official specs released, but Motorola is looking to release this phone this summer.

Who else is excited? Who is setting aside their dollars for this release?

Via TheVerge

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