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Verizon Confirms The HTC ONE Is Coming Later This Summer!


Some of you were patiently waiting for an HTC One to be announced on Verizon, but it became obvious that Verizon was just not that in to the HTC One. We had all assumed that if they were going to have the device it would come weeks after the release on all other carriers. Some of you even jumped the gun and picked up a Galaxy S4 instead.

Yesterday over twitter Verizon surprised myself and many of you by announcing that the HTC’s flagship device will be coming to Verizon later this summer! This is great news. You should all be aware by now that this phone will more than likely ship with a locked down bootloader and extra Verizon Bloat (this is more than likely why we will see the device months after everyone else). Details have not been presented yet only the tweet below.

It’s coming – the HTC One will be available on the #Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network later this summer #HTCOne@HTCUSA

That being said we have no official date or pricing as of yet. I am hoping for a Red and Black version personally. Who else is picking one up?

Via VZWnews


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