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Aluminum Body For The Galaxy S5 Next Year?!


Here is a rumor that I didn’t expect to hear today. A source of AndroidGeeks.com has informed them that Samsung is looking to change the build quality of the Galaxy S5 next year in a big way. Apparently they are looking to ditch the plastic for an Aluminum body. The HTC One has been a big hit this year and of course its Aluminum body has been praised while reviewers and consumers have mostly scoffed at the plastic body that surrounds the S4. It looks like the decision to go Aluminum is directly correlated to the recent Samsung Design 3.0 meetings that were attended by the company’s executives.

This may be an undesirable thought, but personally i do enjoy the lightness that a plastic body brings. However at the same time the Galaxy S4 with its plastic body feels much less durable than the HTC One. So I guess I am torn. If the S5 comes with an Aluminum body will this excite you or disappoint you.


via Android Geeks

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  • Jeremy M. Flory

    Im excited finally. its funny the most popular phones feel like crap with this plastic toy feel lol.