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Verizon Prepping For HTC One by Clearing Out HTC Droid Stock



The photos above could serve as confirmation that Verizon is preparing the way for the upcoming HTC One! They have recently confirmed that the device will be coming to their network, but have still not given a release date. The Droid DNA and the Droid Incredible 4G LTE are each being sold on promos in an effort to rid stores of stock.

This could mean that the HTC One will come with Droid Branding. I am actually hoping for a non Droid Branded HTC One that is identical to the current variants. However if they do not decide to replace the older Droids with a Droid branded HTC One then their will be no HTC Droid devices for the foreseeable future. Verizon could also be looking to release the Droid DNA 2 along side the HTC One. This outcome is not likely in my opinion, however the HTC Butterfly S is now official so who knows.

Post your thoughts in the comments below. If the DNA2 is released alongside the One which device will you pick up? Are you looking forward to a new Droid device or do you think Verizon should go with what has been successful on other carriers and offer an untarnished HTC One experience?

Via Android Authority 

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