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Industry Officials Claim 5.7″ Galaxy Note 3 Will Be Announced At IFA 2013


Apparently the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced sooner than later.  A report coming out of South Korea claims to confirm some of the rumors via Industry Officials. The Korea Herald stated the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced at IFA 2013 and the device will have a 5.7″ display.

IFA has been the obvious place for Samsung to announce this device as it is the same place that both the Note and Note 2 were announced. The OG note was 5.3″ and the Note 2 was even bigger at 5.5″. A 5.7″ display seems to be the next logical step in screen size making this unusable as a one handed device for most. (The Note 2 gives my thumb cramps when I use it one handed.) The size and announcement location are the only info we get out of this report. Sources were not named either.


Via AndroidAuthority

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty much everything can be set up for one handed use. Look in the labs section on the browser for very easy one handed internet controls (which should also be the only type of way that onscreen buttons are done).

    • Anonymous

      this is very true. The one handed setup is great if you run stock Touchwiz. However if you plan on installing an AOSP rom you are out of luck. I pretty much kept Touchwiz on the Note 2 simply to keep one handed functionality.

  • Anonymous

    My main concern is front facing speakers and low light/nightnight/indoor camera performance. After listening to the HTC One and Nexus 10, I won’t ever buy another handheld device with rear speakers. Someone tried to argue that the Galaxy S 4 speaker was very loud, but I had to explain to them that volume wasn’t quality or subtlety (when trying to listen to something at a modest volume without sound carrying too far).

    • Anonymous

      I love my front facing speakers on the HTC one! I would think this device will have the standard rear speaker like the other Note’s