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[PSA] New RAZR HD Build May Need New Root Method!


Is your Motorola Droid RAZR HD rooted? Good! Do you want to keep it that way? Also Good. Earlier today @P3droid tweeted

Droid RAZR HD PSA.. early word is.. The new build may need a new root method.

P3Droid has been spot on about things like this in the past. He has made friends with those on the inside, and Teamblackhat had been widely known for leaking builds and other inside information on Motorola phones. This will serve as a PSA. Whatever you do, don’t accept an OTA update on your Droid RAZR HD if you would like to maintain root, at least not until it is confirmed rootable. I would imagine the likes of @DjrBliss would be able to get this thing rooted, however he has said that he would not be looking for anymore exploits on Moto devices. I guess shall see.

Via @P3Droid



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