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Verizon HTC One Release Date LEAKED

HTC One Verizon.


The release date for the Verizon variant of the HTC One has been leaked. Brace yourself because this is pretty disappointing news. Verizon had announced that we would be seeing this device by the end of summer. We were expecting some time in August. Technically if the leaked release date ends up being accurate Verizon isn’t lying since the first day of fall is not until September 22nd.

The date stems from the photo above which is a press render that was leaked by evleaks last week. It displays the date of Sept 5th. Historically press renders include the date of release, although one phone the HTC butterfly S actually displayed the date of the announcement. If you are willing to wait just a few more weeks several other phones will be releasing in October. This is kind of a bummer as many of you would have liked to have had your time with this flagship device.

Will you be picking up and HTC One on Sept 5, or will you be waiting around for the DNA II, Note 3, or one of the upcoming Moto devices?

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  • Joof

    The Sept. 5th date was confirmed as being rumors and strictly rumors….

    No validity to those claims.

    • Anonymous

      Actually it still hasn’t been confirmed or denied by any Official source. However an HTC insider llabtoofer had stated that the date wasn’t likely. The image still alludes to Sept 5. It has recently passed bluetooth SIG so it may come earlier. I guess we shall see.

    • Droid user for Years

      im done with the Verizon crap. Im leaving for ATT and Iphone.. Verizon your too Slow and too stupid to capitalize on the Market place. HTC was the phone I was Waiting for But will settle for iphone rather than deal with you.

  • Mikhail

    Sorry to reconfirm this release date but after speaking to a verizon tech associate he said “the release is set for August 26th”

    This is still too long for this phone! Not worth the wait anymore. I’d rather get the Motorola X

    • Dan

      You just double unconfirmed the alleged release date. There was no reconfirming to be seen… in fact, you created a new alleged release date rumor for August 26th.

  • BB

    This is just a bunch of bullshit already. Release the damn phone already. If not, give an actual answer as to what is behind the long wait. Dear God