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Google’s Next Nexus 7 Best Buy Ad Leaked With Pricing And Release Info!



It appears that the New Nexus 7 will be here “Tuesday” whenever that is. This may be referring to Tuesday July 30th. The ad was leaked by a phonearena tipster who says that the ad was scheduled to go out on Sunday July 28th. There were earlier rumors that the New Nexus 7 was slated to release in Staples stores on July 31st. The ad confirms that the cost of the 16GB model will in fact be $229. It also states that the New Nexus 7 will be sporting a 1920×1200 screen. That is a PPI of 323! That is nearly the same pixel density as what we saw on the Nexus 10 which has an amazing screen.

There was also an EvLeaks picture of the device that shows off a rear facing camera, notification LED, and Dual speakers. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to this model if all of this comes to fruition. There is a Google event scheduled for Wednesday. We should see this device alongside Android 4.3! Who is picking one of these up?! You know I am!

via PhoneArena

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