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HTC One Maxx Dwarfs the Galaxy Note 3! Photos Leaked.


If you thought the Galaxy Note series of phones was huge, you haven’t seen big yet! I have owned the Galaxy Note 2, in fact i used it exclusively for about six months. I loved the large screen. It was great for viewing.. well.. everything. The only thing i hated was the fact that i had to stretch to reach, and my thumb would often cramp up.

The rumored HTC One Maxx has recently seen some leaked images. Above is a photo of the device next to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You can see that the device is quite a bit larger than the Note 3 which makes this device a behemoth. Is bigger better? Do you need or want a phone that is larger than the already large Note?

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  • Synaptic13

    Bro that’s ridonkulous… Like what a 6.3in display!?! Holy crap D-: