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Moto X $299 off contract with Unlimited data for $25 a month!


Why can’t all carriers do this?! I know I know Verizon is almighty and they don’t have to offer their patrons great deals like a smaller carrier such as Republic Wireless. RW is offering the Moto X for $299 off contract. I just payed over $600 for a Moto X off contract on Verizon just to keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan!

RW is not limiting the deal to an affordable handset. They are pairing unlimited data for only $25 a month with this deal! RW is not a real carrier. They offer MNVO. They operate mainly off of your wifi hotspot. When a hotspot is not available they operate over Sprints network. Either way this is a good deal. If you are sick of carriers maybe its worth looking in to. It is to bad you can’t just go grab one of these cheap phones and bring it over to your carrier.

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