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Galaxy S The New Iphone? Galaxy S5 May Be Coming In January?!


The Iphone has always been the “must have device” that is until Samsung and other OEMs started turning out top quality Android devices. It looks like the Galaxy lineup of phones is becoming the most popular of smartphone devices. The Galaxy series has been updated yearly and we are currently on the fourth iteration. It seems like so many people are tied to a 2 year contract with the S3 that the S4 did not have the amount of sales that Samsung had projected. According to a Korean puplication, Naver, Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 to combat this.

Apple did this not to long ago with the Ipad. The Ipad 3 came out and their wasn’t enough of a difference to justify the upgrade to the Ipad3 from the Ipad2 and sales were lack luster.  Apple quickly added some of the features that they had missed in the Ipad3 update and released the slightly updated Ipad4 to kick off sales. It looks like this is the same sort of thing we are seeing from Samsung.

Do you feel like Samsung is becoming the new Apple?

Via Naver

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