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Gallery Next is the Next Gallery App for Cyanogen Mod. Download Now!

AOSP Gallery was an important Rom feature in the early years of Android. These days we look past the gallery app, and some OEMs have come out with their own gallery apps that work just as well or better as the AOSP version. Apparently the AOSP Gallery will be phased out soon. It will be replaced by the Google+ photos app.
Cyanogen Mod has created a new gallery app called Gallery Next getting away from their stock gallery app. The Gallery Next app is available for you to beta test now. This appears to be a dark themed version of the Google+ Photos app. It includes a slideout navigation menu and mini gallery compilations. Gallery Next integrates cloud services including Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, and Dropbox. There is also support for GIF, video playback and Moments support.
Features List:
-All pictures in central location
-Cloud integration
-Moments supprt
-Video Playback
-No duplicates in all view
Upcoming Features:
-Implement Kit Kat’s Immersive UI mode
-editor support
-bug fixes
Via Droid-Life
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