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Flappy Bird Is Over Developer Taking Down App Tomorrow!

Why would you take down a game that could potentially earn you over $18million in a year?! Vietnamese developer “Dong Nguyen” announced earlier today that he would be taking down the number one Android and IOS game tomorrow! This was a shock to hear considering that this game banks him over $50,000 a day.

My first reaction was that he was being forced to cease and desist due to copyright infringement. This game had been a popular flash game. The game also uses plenty of Nintendo style graphics. Could this be a decision to get ahead of the curve? Possibly Nguyen can see the writing on the wall. He had probably never considered this game would become as popular as it has as quickly as it has. Maybe he fears a Nintendo lawsuit so he is taking preventative measures. He tweeted that he was not taking it down for legal reasons so who knows if there is anything to that.

Nguyen tweeted “I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life”. Could it be that Nguyen is so incredibly annoyed by all the attention he has received in the past few weeks that he is just totally fed up with it. Im sure he can’t even begin to sift through his inbox. It is probably flooded with thousands of emails per hour. His phone is probably ringing nonstop and all this attention is probably something he has never had to contend with before. He may be receiving hate mail and death threats considering this crazy turn of events. People have been very critical of the game and it’s simplicity. I would say “Get over it” people will be people. I could put up with almost anything for $50,000 a day! What are your thoughts? Can you sort it out? What would make you quit a $50,000 a day gig?


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