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10+ Tips And Tricks For The Samsung Galaxy S5.


There is always a learning curve when purchasing a new device. We learn as much as we can, but we often never even know of all the things our devices are fully capable of. Below is a quick list of more than 10 (14 to be exact) shortcuts and buttons for the Galaxy S5!

-Home button tap will take you home from any screen
-Home button hold brings up Google Now
-Home button double tap takes you to Google Voice
-Home button triple tap brings up accessibility options
-Home Screen pinch brings up wallpapers, widgets, and home settings
-Back button tap takes you back a page
-Back button hold brings up multi-window mode
-Multitasking button tap brings up recent activities
-Multitasking hold access settings and menus in all apps
-Power button tap puts the screen to sleep and wakes it up
-Power button hold changes mode off, airplane, restart, emergency and sound
-Power button and home hold takes a screen shot
-volume and then tap gear brings up sound customization options
-Triple tap screen zoom in and out on any screen

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