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Motorola Announcing New Device On May 13!

moto e may 13

The last few phones that were put out by Motorola were received with overwhelming fan fare. The Moto G quickly became the highest selling Motorola smartphone ever. The Moto X was pretty popular too. It appeared as if the Google acquisition had brought Motorola back from the dead! Then the unthinkable happened just as Motorola was on the up and up they were bought by Lenovo.

Motorola sent out invitations today to an event where they will announce the next Motorola handset. The event is set for May 13 in London. Maybe this will be the first device that Lenovo has had its hands in developing, but it will more likely be what was left in the release pipeline. It seems like this will be the release of the rumored Moto E which is another phone created for emerging markets like the Moto G. Why not repeat the highest selling device in company history?! The Moto E is expected to release with a 4.3″ 720p screen, 1GB Ram, 1.2GHZ dual-core processor, 5MP camera, and 1900mah battery.

Are you interested in another cheap mid tier device from Motorola, or are you ready for the Moto 360.

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