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Verizon May Be Willing To Negotiate To Keep Your Business

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In the distant past it had always been a safe bet that if you threatened to drop your subscription service providers would be willing to negotiate to keep your business. In the digital age this has not always been the case. A few years back I had an issue with Verizon and their insurance policy. I was paying for the insurance which basically guaranteed me a refurbished phone if my phone broke. Well it turns out that these refurbished phones were pieces of junk. I went through 10 LG Allys before flipping my lid. I can remember saying something to the effect of  “I will take my business elsewhere if you don’t give me a NEW phone that actually works.” The manager told me I was more than welcome to take my business elsewhere, and that she would also be very happy to take my $250 ETF per line, and also reminded me that I wouldn’t get good reception with any other carrier.


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