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Samsung Delaying The Rollout Of English Language Bixby Assistant


By now it seems most of us have forgotten or either dismissed the idea of using Bixby as our daily voice assistant. The feature looked promising at the S8 launch event, but after having time to sleep on it many of us realized just how redundant the service is when Android already has an assistant baked right in to the software. That coupled with the fact that Samsung wasn’t prepared to launch Bixby voice assistant alongside the Galaxy S8 killed whatever hype remained pretty quickly.

It turns out that Samsung will have to delay the rollout of the English language version of Bixby even after promising a release date by the end of Spring. We are still a few weeks away from the release and this is due to the unexpected difficulty Samsung is having with the English language. Bixby has trouble grasping the intricacies of the language especially the syntax and grammar of English. Bixby is supposed to allow you to control your phone with voice on an app by app basis, so it doesn’t seem promising that Samsung is having such a difficult time getting this right. For now the international launch is expected to be held back until the end of June. That will only happen if Bixby can get a handle on English.

Are any of you still worried about being able to use Bixby on your S8? Is this a feature that was a decision making factor in your purchase of the phone?


via WSJ

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