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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 : First 10 Things To Do!

Now that you have your shiny new Note 7 out of the box and have run through the initial setup you are probably ready to take on the world with this powerful device, however there are several worth while changes you should make that will make your experience better in the long run.

1.) Video Enhancer– One of the first things you will notice is that display on the Note 7 is far less vivid and colorful than previous Galaxy devices. I am not sure why Samsung decided to tone down saturation on this device. Perhaps to save battery life. Maybe their research and development found that consumers prefer the more muted colors. I personally enjoy the over saturated look you get from a SAMOLED display. You can regain that by heading into your settings/advanced features/video enhancer. Check the feature on for brighter more colorful videos in your favorite video apps.

2.)Easy GIF Maker– How many times have you been watching a youtube video, something incredible happens and you just wish you had a way to save it? Now you can thanks to the GIF maker on the Note 7. When you see a clip you want to save extract your SPen, Choose Smart Select, and Choose GIF animation. Once you have cropped the screen you can press record to begin recording up to a 15 second GIF.

3.) Set Up Iris Scanner– Iris scanners are tech for the future right? There are organizations that use iris scanners to secure buildings and what not, but who thought we would have the technology built right into our phones? The iris scanner is more than just a simple camera. It uses an infrared led light to map out your actual iris. This makes for the most secure way to lock down your phone and even folders. Setting up the iris scanner is easy. Head to settings/lockscreen and security/irises then set up your iris. To unlock your phone tap the power button to wake the phone, swipe up and simply look at the screen. Your phone is unlocked basically as soon as you swipe up!


4.)FingerPrint Scanner- Register All Four Digits!- The Galaxy Note 7 has one of the most accurate fingerprint scanners around. It is a pain in the rear to set up (not really you just have to press your finger to the home button a billion times). I always suggest going ahead and setting up all four allowed digits. Some say that you should set up all four allowed digits to your primary digit for added accuracy, but i think you should make use of four of your fingers. Go To settings/lockscreen and security/fingerprints, add a fingerprint. I would suggest adding your dominant thumb and index finger and then your opposite thumb and index finger. This makes it easier to unlock your phone while it is laying flat on a table or when alternating between hands.

5.)Enable Do Not Disturb Mode-  One of the most frustrating things about a new phone can be being waken up in the middle of the night because you forgot to enable Do Not Disturb. DND mode allows you to setup a schedule for when you want your phone to be silent. This is especially helpful if you always go to bed at a certain time and wake up at a certain time and don’t want to be bothered while you sleep. Of course you can always add contacts that will can ring through that way you don’t miss calls and texts from family members in case of an emergency. To change these settings go to your settings/sound and vibration/do not disturb.

6.)Add A Theme! – Samsung has done a really great job with their theme store. It allows you to really customize the look and feel of your new device to give it that personal touch. There are themes relating to the seasons, holidays, your favorite movies, superheros, and more! To change the theme long press the home screen and then choose wallpapers and themes. This launches the theme chooser where you can download a theme from the thousands of themes available.

7.)Removing Bloat Ware (Pre-Installed Apps)- Like it or not sometimes OEMs and even carriers make a little bit of extra scratch by preinstalling apps to the phone you just paid $1000 for that you may or may not need. If you find that you don’t need some of these apps and would prefer to free up space in your app drawer no worries. Head to settings/applications, select the application and choose disable.

8.)Enable the Quick Launch Camera– One of my favorite features from the modern Galaxy devices is the quick launch camera. This feature allows you to launch the camera while the phone is sleeping or from any screen in the UI by simply double pressing the home button. With this feature you never have to risk missing the all important shot! To enable head to settings/advanced features, then turn on quick launch camera.

9.)Edit Quick Settings Toggles– The quick settings in grace UI allow you to do things like turn on airplane mode, turn off mobile data, and turn on the flashlight quickly and easily. One swipe down from the status bar reveals your top 5 quick settings toggles. Swipe down twice to reveal all of your quick settings toggles and edit them. To edit simply long press any toggle and then move it to where you want it. This automagically moves the last toggle in the list off the row.

10.)Add a micro sdcard- One really big feature making a return is the SD card slot. By adding a micro sdcard to your Note 7 can add up to 200GB of extra storage. Once you have added the sdcard launch your camera, go to camera settings, choose to save pictures to sdcard.

Life getting used to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should be much easier with these settings. If you can think of anymore let me know in the comments below!