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Acton R8 RocketSkates Kicked My Butt! Full Review! VIDEO

I can’t really speak to the power of the RocketSkates, and I can’t really compare thm to anything else on the market since they are pretty much the only electronic skates that I have ever seen. I got to try these out through a company called Sproutup! Sproutup connects up an coming companies with influencers who can help to promote new products through demos and reviews. I had about 2 weeks to try these out.

First up we will talk about the design. They do not look like your traditional skates. You have two huge cast iron wheels wrapped in solid rubber tires. Each wheel has the Acton logo stamped in the middle. There is a smaller anti tip wheel with suspension springs in the back which really comes in handy when you first start out with these. The bottom of the skate and the motor and battery housing is made of super hard plastic. There is a useful carrying strap which amounts to a small cloth loop (I found that I used these to grab and carry the skates). There is plenty of padding where the heel fits into the skate and between the strap and your foot. These skates are incredibly durable. I put these through the ringer falling several times. They held up well with little to no scratching and zero mechanical damage.

I would highly recommend reading the directions before using these skates. I did not read the directions and really regretted that decision. I had quite the time getting started with these. I was trying to use them like old school heely shoes on steroids.  Using the skates is not easy, but not as difficult as I made it by not reading the directions. Unless you are an X-Gamer you will need plenty of practice with the skates before you become a pro.

Using these you will want to grab the app from the Play Store or App Store. Turn on your skates then open the app and sync it up with your skates via bluetooth. With the app you are able to check the battery life, and set your speed level. Speed levels include beginner which is just right for anyone starting out, medium is about as fast as I ever want to go with these, and pro which gets speeds up to 12mph. Once your speed is set start of by kicking the skates forward with your legs in a V-pattern (never side by side as you will lose balance). The “lead” skate is the only one you need to concern yourself with. This skate has the red tab on the front of the skate. It controls the speed of both skates. Press your toe down to give the skates more gas, and lean back on your heal to break. YOU WILL FALL! The toes are open and because of this you have a natural tendency to lean out of the skates causing you to slam on the balls of your feet (trying to walk or jog out of it). This phase won’t take too long, after several sessions you will get the hang of it.

My first session was a disaster, but I did begin to get the hang of it towards the end. My second session was much better. By this time I had read the directions and figured out how to do this all correctly. I was able to get about one hour of use out of these skates using them non stop and going pretty good distances with them. I used them at the medium speed level. When you run out of battery it only takes about 2 hours to get a full charge. The unit came with a separate charger for each skate.

I have two kids, a 5 year old and a 2 year old. They really wanted to try these out. I would not recommend for children to use these. I can see how they could be pretty dangerous. They do go 12mph and one little bump can cause you to fall. The box clearly states the skates shouldn’t be used by anyone under the age of 16. It does not however specify that you need a drivers license to operate them :). One way that I was able to get my kids in on the action, and to get some practice for myself was to have the kids take turns sitting in a stroller. I pushed the kids in the stroller while I rode the skates from behind. I am not necessarily saying you should do this with your children since I can also see the inherent danger in this. The point is you can get creative for those family members not old enough to use these.

Overall I have to say that these skates were difficult enough to learn that they may not be for me. I am sure that with enough time and effort I could learn to use these well, but it might take longer than I really have time to spend. The one thing that I felt made these difficult was the fact that the front of the skate is open yet you have to press the front of your foot down to go forward, nearly dragging your foot on the pavement. I feel like if you could lean back in the skate and possibly use a remote to control these it might be easier to pick up as a beginner. It should be noted that anyone who is athletic or has experience with skates will probably do much better with these than me.

They will set you back about $599. Grab them from the link below.

Acton RocketSkates R8