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All The GPS Spoofing Hacks With Joystick That Still Work With PokeMon GO 0.33.0 Android Update!

Not everyone is able to get out and play PokeMon go the way it is meant to be played. Some of you are stuck inside due to disabilities. Some of you have kids that want to play the game that all their friends are playing, but these days its just not safe to unleash your kids to roam around the neighborhood. Over the past week I have shown you guys some hacks that allow you to play PokeMon Go from the comfort of your home.

Niantic just released a major update. Their new tracking system is included in this update which is actually quite useful when you are out and about. They have also made it more difficult for hackers to access the API of the game. This has rendered just about all realtime pokemon trackers useless. It has also disabled some of the stand alone mock location apps.

Here are the Hacks that are still working and what you will need!

1- NO ROOT Hack For Marshmallow Devices

FlyGPS is still working as a NO ROOT solution for any of you who are running Marshmallow 6.0 or above on your Android. The only real downside to this is that the map tends to jump between your spoof location and your current location. If it does this enough you will be soft banned. This is probably the easiest of all the hacks. Download the app you need for this hack below.

Grab FlyGPS Here    How To Use FlyGPS Video

2- NO ROOT Method For All Other Devices

Their is actually a NO ROOT solution that works for nearly ANY Android device! This includes Marshmallow, Lollipop, Kit Kat, and JellyBean. This is also less likely to get you banned as it uses a modified version of the PokeMon Go app. You don’t have to worry about the random Teleporting you get with the FlyGPS app. I played with this hack for hours without getting banned!

You will need the TUTU App. Install the app from the link below. Before opening the app go to your settings/app manager/choose the TUTU app/ choose permissions and disable all permissions for the app. Once you have disabled the permissions you will open the TUTU App and download the latest version of the modified PokeMon Go app!

There is a menu button in the top left corner. You can set your location there.


Video Tutorial Showing How To Install and Use 

3- ROOT Hack That Will Always Work On Any Android Device

If you are rooted you are in luck. Niantic won’t be able to block this method as it uses Admin Privileges to get the data it needs to spoof your location and hide the fact that it is doing it.

You will need Xposed Framework installed on your device. Once you have this you will need to grab a few modules.

Mock Mock Locations

PokeMon Go Controls 

Video Tutorial Showing How To Use This Mod


Who knows how long these hacks will continue to work. I think this will end up being a cat and mouse situation. As soon as Niantic patches it the hackers will come up with another solution. I will keep you updated here so keep checking back for updates!