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Amazon To Launch 3D SmartPhone on June 18th

Amazon is finally releasing their long awaited smartphone. There have been rumors of an Amazon phone since before the release of the first Amazon Fire. While I am not surprised that they have decided to release a phone, I am surprised in the gimmick that they have decided to include on this device.

According to sources Amazon will be releasing a 3D smartphone at their press event on June 18. They just released a video that shows people looking down at what is obviously a phone displaying some type of effect. They are moving the phone around and following the screen. It seems as if they are toying around with the 3D aspect of the display. Of course every one of the actors in this video is AMAZED at the effect.

3D phones and tablets have been released and have failed miserably! Hollywood began pushing the 3D experience to get people to return to theaters. Pretty quickly TV manufactures saw that 3D movies were successful and tried to replicate this in the home. As neat as 3D is, it just isn’t very practical. I have a 3D TV at home. We rarely watch movies in 3D mainly because we have to charge the batteries in our 3D glasses. Of course the phone doesn’t need glasses. It has glasses free 3D, possibly similar to what we have seen in the Nintendo 3Ds. I can’t play the 3Ds for more than 10 minutes in 3D mode without it inducing a severe headache. It’s just not worth it to me. I am not saying that I don’t love 3D. I am also not saying that the technology has not had time to advance. Maybe Amazon will show us something groundbreaking and revolutionary on June 18th. If it ends up being more of the same then why bother?

Will this succeed or is this smartphone DOA?!