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Android P Incoming! Coming As Soon As March 2018


Adoption rates of Android Oreo are a bit abysmal. Some of the largest Android OEMs are still have not rolled out the update to their handsets. We saw the first Android Oreo developer preview about a year ago. So far we only have a handful of devices running Android 8.0 including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Samsung had started to roll out the update for the Galaxy S8, but then quickly postponed the update. None of this is going to keep the Android train from chugging down the track.

We may see the first developer preview builds of Android P as early as this month. Famed leakster Evan Blass tweeted out a few days ago that the target for the first developer preview released was the middle of this month! There has even been some speculation that the release will happen on March 14th in celebration of Pi day.

So far we don’t know much about the updates that will be coming with the Android P developer preview. Some early indications suggest that Android P fully embraces the despised notch trend. Apparently we will finally see some major design changes in an effort to lure in more iOS users. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Android will be more iOS like. It is still unknown what the dessert name will be for this release. Let us know your thoughts below.