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Transparent Back Mod For Any Android or iPhone

The insides of tech devices with all the electronics and circuitry can be mesmerizing to look at. The way manufacturers are able to pack so much tech into such tiny spaces is impressive to say the least. Most of today’s top smartphones include a glass back which allows for better signal reception and other features like wireless charging. The glass is normally painted on the backside blocking your view of the electronics inside.

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Do NOT Buy The Galaxy S9


The Galaxy S9 is hands down one of the best devices on the market right now. That being said I have some serious regrets with my purchase after having used the phone for the past several weeks. Before upgrading to this device you should check out this video.

How To Unlock The Samsung Galaxy S9 Any Carrier Any Country

If you are a traveler you will want to go ahead and unlock your Galaxy S9. Once your Galaxy S9 is unlocked you will be able to insert and use any GSM world carrier with no issues. This even helps to increase the resale value of your device since you won’t have to sell to someone on a specific carrier. You can’t go wrong with unlocking your Galaxy S9! In this video I show you just how easy the process really is!