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Super Quick LG G2 Review!

Before purchasing a new phone it is always a good idea to do a bit of research on the phones that are on the market to find out which one is truly the right fit for you. We don’t always have hours on end to read pages and pages of review. Here is my quick review of the LG G2!

The Good

-This display is AWESOME! The display is large enough to watch hours of tv shows or even the big game. At 5.2 inches there is plenty of real estate for apps and everything else you need quickly on the home screen. Of course you get Full 1080p HD! The IPS screen is bright, and sharp. Colors are accurate, and this screen just looks amazing. Somehow LG managed to fit a 5.2″ screen in a package similar in size to the S4, so your thumbs won’t cramp up even with the larger screen.

-Superb battery life! The phone refuses to die. This phone required over 8 hours of use to fully burn out during a battery burn out test. The LG G2 was able to easily make it through an entire day and well into the night even with some music streaming and video playback. The Giant 3,000mah battery really helps this phone to truck on through the day.

-Lots of Performance Power. The LG G2 was one of the first devices to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 800 processor. The quad core processor is one of the fastest available. Where the Galaxy S4 was bogged down with all of the bloatware that came with it, the LG G2 seems to not have any trouble with all of the extra junk.

The Bad

Feels Cheap- The Galaxy S4 is built with plastic, but even it feels pretty solid. The G2 on the other hand brings plasticky to a whole new level.

Back Buttons A Misguided Feature- The volume buttons and power button are both directly under the camera lens on the back of the phone. This takes some getting used to, and while it may make since being that your fingers generally rest in this area, it isn’t at all practical. You end up pressing the wrong button at times.

To Many Software Features- This is how OEMs stand out from one another. They won’t allow us to run stock Android because they feel that if they offer a ton of features you will chose their device over other phones. The problem is that these features do take up resources and most of them are pretty whiz-bang. They are great to show off, but you probably won’t use them often.


Overall this is an awesome looking phone! I have to give it an 8 out of 10!

The Clearest Picture Of The Nexus 5 To Date!

nexus 5


Earlier today the photo above of the alleged Nexus 5 was leaked to the net. It landed on MacRumors posted by a member going by “weespeed”. He is claiming that this is a photo of the new LG Nexus 5. He stated that after holding the device it felt much like the LG G2, and feels much like the New Nexus 7. The LG G2 has a great screen, but weespeed is saying that the Nexus 5 screen is “just ok” and doesn’t quite match the screen on the Note 3.

Some leaked specs include 5″ Full Hd display with 442 ppi, a 2.3ghz qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB ram, 16GB of internal storage, 8mp rear camera, 1.2mp front facing camera, 2300 mah battery, Lte, and nfc.

Who is excited for the new Nexus 5? Is this a device you would consider?

Via MacRumors


Android 4.3 Spotted Running On The Galaxy S3!



The above image shows Android 4.3 running on the Galaxy S3! The update is scheduled to release sometime in October. Maybe the image indicates that progress is coming along a bit quicker. According to the site that leaked the photo, AndroidSAS, the 4.3 update will be mostly a bug fixer and we should not expect any new features from the Galaxy S4. If you skipped the S4 and are still rocking this device then this is surely good news for you!

Via SamMobile

HTC One Maxx Dwarfs the Galaxy Note 3! Photos Leaked.


If you thought the Galaxy Note series of phones was huge, you haven’t seen big yet! I have owned the Galaxy Note 2, in fact i used it exclusively for about six months. I loved the large screen. It was great for viewing.. well.. everything. The only thing i hated was the fact that i had to stretch to reach, and my thumb would often cramp up.

The rumored HTC One Maxx has recently seen some leaked images. Above is a photo of the device next to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You can see that the device is quite a bit larger than the Note 3 which makes this device a behemoth. Is bigger better? Do you need or want a phone that is larger than the already large Note?

Moto X $299 off contract with Unlimited data for $25 a month!


Why can’t all carriers do this?! I know I know Verizon is almighty and they don’t have to offer their patrons great deals like a smaller carrier such as Republic Wireless. RW is offering the Moto X for $299 off contract. I just payed over $600 for a Moto X off contract on Verizon just to keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan!

RW is not limiting the deal to an affordable handset. They are pairing unlimited data for only $25 a month with this deal! RW is not a real carrier. They offer MNVO. They operate mainly off of your wifi hotspot. When a hotspot is not available they operate over Sprints network. Either way this is a good deal. If you are sick of carriers maybe its worth looking in to. It is to bad you can’t just go grab one of these cheap phones and bring it over to your carrier.

Android 5.0 Concept Video. What does The Future Hold For Andorid?

The video above shows off a concept of what the future of Android could look like. I was pretty surprised when Google officially unveiled that the next version of Android would be 4.4 KitKat, not 5.0 KLP like many of us had believed. The concept video skips the next version of Android and goes straight to what 5.0 could be.

In the concept Android 5.0 will include deep system wide integration of Google services. The color scheme is changed in the concept, and Google now is integrated into the notifications system. Obviously this won’t necessarily be what we see with 5.0, but it is always fun to imagine.

Now Available At Verizon LG G2 For $199 or $140 With Discount


You can now purchase the LG G2 on Verizon. The cost for this device on contract is $199. If you apply the discount code “Verizon30″ you get the device for only $140. The LG G2 is rocking a 5.2” 1080p display with a crazy rich pixel density of 423ppi, a huge 3000mah battery, a Quad core processor, 2048 MB of Ram, and its running Android 4.2.2. This doesn’t look like a bad device.

Who’s buying?

Twitter for Android Has Been Updated to Twitter 5.0 Features Cool New UI!

Twitter 5


For the longest time twitter on Android really stunk. We had to rely on third party apps to give us our twitter fix as the official twitter app was pretty much unusable. The last few updates have made twitter look better and function better. The official twitter app is now usable thanks to a new update. This update includes a new UI. The new app uses a sidebar for most functions and gives the app a whole new look and feel. Version 5.0 is in beta testing now, and should be released soon!

Sign up for the beta here via Droid-Life