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Flappy Bird Is Over Developer Taking Down App Tomorrow!

Why would you take down a game that could potentially earn you over $18million in a year?! Vietnamese developer “Dong Nguyen” announced earlier today that he would be taking down the number one Android and IOS game tomorrow! This was a shock to hear considering that this game banks him over $50,000 a day.

My first reaction was that he was being forced to cease and desist due to copyright infringement. This game had been a popular flash game. The game also uses plenty of Nintendo style graphics. Could this be a decision to get ahead of the curve? Possibly Nguyen can see the writing on the wall. He had probably never considered this game would become as popular as it has as quickly as it has. Maybe he fears a Nintendo lawsuit so he is taking preventative measures. He tweeted that he was not taking it down for legal reasons so who knows if there is anything to that.

Nguyen tweeted “I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life”. Could it be that Nguyen is so incredibly annoyed by all the attention he has received in the past few weeks that he is just totally fed up with it. Im sure he can’t even begin to sift through his inbox. It is probably flooded with thousands of emails per hour. His phone is probably ringing nonstop and all this attention is probably something he has never had to contend with before. He may be receiving hate mail and death threats considering this crazy turn of events. People have been very critical of the game and it’s simplicity. I would say “Get over it” people will be people. I could put up with almost anything for $50,000 a day! What are your thoughts? Can you sort it out? What would make you quit a $50,000 a day gig?


Verizon Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 Leaked By @evleaks! Worth The Cost?


The largest ever Samsung Galaxy Note tablets are being prepared to be unleashed on the market. Evleaks has leaked the Verizon variant of the NotePRO. The above image is expected to be the WIFI device which is expected to cost anywhere from $750-$850. The LTE version may cost over $1000. The LTE version should house the Snapdragon 800 while the wifi variant will pack an Exynos processor. Is it worth the cost?


Via @EvLeaks



ASUS Chromebox Will Drop In March For Just $179!


The design alone looks sick enough to drop a cool $179! ChromeOS has come a long way since the first free chromebook that Google gave out to media members at CES a few years back. Then it was not nearly as viable since it was basically a web browsing machine. Today we have lots of web apps and plenty of cloud based storage options. Chrome OS is a much more viable platform today. Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular.

You can choose between the all new intel Celeron 2955U or the i3-4010 processor. There will be an i7 version of the Chromebox outside of the US. This device is tiny at 4.88″x4.88″x1.65″! It is packed with Intel-integrate HD Graphics, 16GB of onboard storage, 100GB of online storage from Google Drive free, support for 4k displays, 3 HDMI and display out ports for dual monitor setups, 4 usb 3.0 ports, and built in SDcard reader.

Are you interested in the new ASUS Chromebox?! Are you interested in Chrome OS at all?

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It Is Finally Here! The Red Nexus 5 Arrives!

Nexus 5 (red)

The much anticipated Nexus 5 in red arrives on the Google Play Store! Their is no difference in specs here just the awesome Nexus 5 device but now in brilliant RED! If you want to look good while talking on your phone this is the device you need. If you didn’t jump on the Nexus 5 when it was first released then this is your chance! The 16GB Red version can be yours for $349 while the 32GB version can be had for only $399.

Via Play Store

Lenovo Buys Motorola From Google For Only $3 Billion


The biggest news of yesterday has come and gone and now we can look at this whole situation rationally. When i first saw a random person tweet that Lenovo was to buy Motorola from Google for $3Billion I did a double take. There was an instant feeling of shock and I kind of felt let down. I have come to love the Blur free Motorola devices, and Google had done so much to turn this mobile brand completely in a new direction. These devices had been some of the first to receive updates, even some of the older devices. The purchase of a Motorola device with Google backing had become somewhat of a no brainer since we knew that these devices would remain mostly AOSP and would be updated on a regular basis. I couldn’t understand WHY!?

Then we look at what Google payed for Motorola and the questions became even greater. Why would Google offload a company that they payed $12 billion for at such a low rate. This didn’t make much sense initially. A few people made mention of the fact that Google also sold the set top box portion of Motorola Mobility for another $3Billion putting the total loss at only $6Billion. This kind of loss was still baffling considering what they had done with Motorola. Obviously they bought a siv of a company that was on its last leg, and made it a leader in the technology business. Then they turned around and sold it for half price.

We have to remember “why” Google bought Motorola in the first place. This was nothing more than a giant patent acquisition to put them ahead of the curve in the Google/Apple patent war.  With the sell of Motorola they lose the patents and all of the employees and talent they had invested in with Motorola. Why would they give all of this up? Apparently Samsung and Google had a peace meeting at CES. According to Re/code  Samsung agreed to ditch the new MagazinUX in favor of showcasing Google apps including the Play Store. Part of the deal is that Google would stop making hardware and quit competing with Samsung. What we may end up with here is a new partnership between Samsung and Google where the two companies work closely together. Samsung making the hardware, Google providing the software. While we won’t see the disappearance of Touchwiz anytime soon, we may very well see the custom UI toned down.

What are your thoughts. Will you be purchasing a Lenovo Motorola device? Or will you put your money into the company that Google seems to be partnering with?

New Star Wars Game From Disney Interactive “Assault Team” Is A Card Based Game!


I have not been this excited about an Android game in quite some time! Disney is making good use of the Star Wars Brand which was acquired from Lucasfilm two years ago. Star Wars Assault Team is a card based game for Android. It will also appear on IOS and Windows 8. You will fight other Star Wars characters, and you will collect other characters as you go. This could be an all free game but I have a feeling that this will include lots of in app purchases. This game will be launching this Spring globally. Anyone else excited?


Via Droid-life

Chrome Apps Headed To Android and IOS.


Last month Google announced that they would be bringing chrome apps to mobile and that they would have something ready for beta in January. Today they released the toolset for developers to port their chrome apps over to Android and IOS. We should see these apps arrive pretty quickly as Google has developed a compatibility layer which will allow developers to wrap their apps in a native shell and distribute their apps on the App and Google Play Stores.

Via Verge 

Gallery Next is the Next Gallery App for Cyanogen Mod. Download Now!

AOSP Gallery was an important Rom feature in the early years of Android. These days we look past the gallery app, and some OEMs have come out with their own gallery apps that work just as well or better as the AOSP version. Apparently the AOSP Gallery will be phased out soon. It will be replaced by the Google+ photos app.
Cyanogen Mod has created a new gallery app called Gallery Next getting away from their stock gallery app. The Gallery Next app is available for you to beta test now. This appears to be a dark themed version of the Google+ Photos app. It includes a slideout navigation menu and mini gallery compilations. Gallery Next integrates cloud services including Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, and Dropbox. There is also support for GIF, video playback and Moments support.
Features List:
-All pictures in central location
-Cloud integration
-Moments supprt
-Video Playback
-No duplicates in all view
Upcoming Features:
-Implement Kit Kat’s Immersive UI mode
-editor support
-bug fixes
Via Droid-Life

Galaxy S5 Specs Confirmed, Snapdragon 805, 16mp camera, AMOLED screen and more!

samsung logo
Its that time of year again! It seems like it has been forever since I purchased a new phone. In reality it has only been a few months since I purchased the Note 3, but I am already getting a small bit of upgrade fever. The Galaxy S4 was probably the most leaked device of the year last year. We pretty much new exactly what we were getting when this phone was announced. The Galaxy S5 will likely not release until late spring or early summer yet we already have some “Confirmed” Specs. Take that with a grain of salt, as even these confirmed  specs aren’t one hundred percent clear.
We have been looking for Samsung to once and for all build The Galaxy S devices with more premium materials. The S4 had a metal looking rim and felt pretty good in the hand, but was still very much plasticky. According to sources we will see a more premium built S5 with a metal design, but the metalic S5 will cost an extra $200. It will retail for $1091 while the plastic version will retail for $886 for the European variants. The S5 is said to feature an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560×1440, either a 64 but Exynos processor or a Snapdragon 805 SoC processor, and a 16mp camera. The sources also relayed that Samsung will release a Galaxy S5 min and a Galaxy S5 Zoom along side the S5.
Would you pay extra for the metal upgrade?
Via Sammobile

CES Wearable Tech Neptune Pine, A Standalone Android Smarthphone For Your Wrist!

Neptune Pines promises to be the smartwatch that changes the game. This is more than a smart watch. This is more than a companion device. This is a fully standalone smartwatch for your wrist. It includes its own GSM or CDMA radio and supports 2g/3g, wifi, and bluetooth for ultimate connectivity. You can make and receive phone calls on the Neptune Pine which in my mind is the game changing feature. Ring and vibration notifications keep you in touch. Qwerty keyboard and google plus make input super easy on this device. VGA front facing camera is included for real George Jetson video chatting, and a 5mp rear camera helps you to capture amazing photos on the go. A GPS, pedometer, and compass make this device perfect for the fitness guru.
Specs include a 2.4 inch display, 1.2 ghz snapdragon S4 dual core Cortex A5 processor, a microsim card slot, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and an 810mah battery. You can preorder this device now for $335. That may seem a bit steep but consider this is part of the kickstarter funding. Does this make wearable technology anymore appealing for you?