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The State Of Root On The Verizon Galaxy S5!


We are a over a month into the release of the Galaxy S5 and still no root. However there has been some pretty exciting development going on with root on this device. Last night a tweet by DjrBliss from two weeks ago was discovered by several of the hopeful exploiters who have been working on root for this device. Many of you may remember Dan Rosenburg from all of the exploits that he released for Motorola devices and various other Android devices that resulted in root.

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Play Store Accepting Pay Pal and Carrier Billing!


The Play Store is finally making it easier to buy apps, games, music and movies! Until now you have always had to add money to your google account so that you could pay for apps. Now you can use pay pal and even carrier billing. For any of you that do business online this is good news since you probably have a pay pal balance pretty often. The fact that carrier billing is now available is also pretty convenient since you can just add whatever purchases to your cell phone bill.

Do you think you will make more play store purchases now that you have these options?



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LG Releases Official Cinematic G3 Teaser Video

Today LG released its official teaser video for the upcoming LG G3. While we never see the entire device clearly you can see that the device has a brushed metal back. We get a pretty good shot of the camera with optical image stabilization. We get to see the whole physical design of the phone which pretty well matches earlier leaks. We don’t get any actual specs with this video. We are expecting to see a good bump in specs from the G2 including 2560×1440 screen, 3gb of ram, and premium metal body.


Verizon Xperia Z2 Press Image From Sony

Verizon Xperia Z2


The above image was most likely accidentally posted on the official Sony website. You can see just above the man’s index finger is a Verizon “V” with a 4G underneath. The above image has already been replaced with an image with just the Sony Logo. So far Sony has confirmed a “late summer release”.  The release they are referring to is for the unlocked variant and not the Verizon. They still have not confirmed a Verizon variant. They just keep posting up pictures of a Verizon model. It would be nice to see this as an exclusive for Verizon. This phone looks awesome. If it comes to Verizon are you going to grab one?

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Samsung Galaxy S5 4K Video Test and Front Facing Camera Video Test

I have had my Galaxy S5 for a while now, but have not had the chance to post a video test. I ran down to Universal Studios Orlando where I was able to grab both a 4k video test and a 1080p front facing video test. I have posted each of these at the link below. If you are on the fence between the M8 and the Galaxy S5 check out these video tests. Optimus Prime is featured in the 4k video and Harry Potter World is featured in the front facing video.

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Latest Galaxy S5 OTA Update Packs On The Pounds With 47 MB Of Added Bloat!


One of the biggest reasons that every good rooter roots is to remove that stank bloat ware. You know the apps that carriers add that you never wanted in the first place which undoubtedly line their pockets. We like to remove these apps first thing, but AT&T has a different philosophy apparently. The latest OTA update for the AT&T Galaxy S5 adds an additional 47 MB in bloat. On a phone with only 16GB of internal memory that is a BIG deal. Bloat ware not only takes up space, it also bogs things down slowing up the UI.

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