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Pioneer 4201-NEX Best Android Auto Stereo System Full Review!


The Pioneer 4201-NEX has given new life to my 10 year old Chevrolet Avalanche. This older vehicle had 6 disc CD changer, an aux port and left lots to be desired in the technology department. The 4201-NEX added full Android Auto hands free integration with a full fledged navigation system, bluetooth, and even a DVD player. I have been cured of my New Car Fever! Check out my full review of the stereo system above!

Galaxy Note 8 Battery Life. Does It Suck?!

One complaint that I keep seeing over and over again with the Galaxy Note 8 is that the battery life is not very good. The Note 8 does feature a smaller 3300mah battery when compared to the Galaxy S8+ which has a 3500mah battery. I really would have liked to have seen the larger battery on the Galaxy Note 8, but understand the safety concerns and reason that Samsung decided to go with the smaller battery.  After a few weeks of using the Galaxy Note 8 as my main device this is my report on the battery life.

Unlock Galaxy Note 8 Any Carrier Any Country

If you are a world traveler you may want to consider unlocking your new Galaxy Note 8. Once you carrier unlock your device you will be able to take it out of the country and use any carrier sim with no issues. Unlocking your device will also increase the resale value of your device as you won’t have to wait to find a buyer on a certain carrier. Head to the link below to get your unlock code.