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-Bionic Files Official OTA files, FXZ files, Root files ECT

Obsidians Original OP updated here


Everything Available for ICS

**Tools Needed**

**5.9.905 to 6.7.246** OTA release (Must be installed in STOCK RECOVERY while running stock (rooted or not) 905
https://docs.google….UTJSVl9tWXF5QTgHere is a link I created


***5.9.902 FXZ Files To Be Used With RSDLite http://www.4shared.com/get/kQydtP-d/newvrz_xt875_59902xt875verizon.html

**6.7.246 FXZ Link**(To be used with RSD Lite
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5O5JKRZTsGjRXNMN3lLMHoyVkk/preview?pli=1Here is a link I created

**RSD Lite V5.7**
https://docs.google….Here is a link I created

**Motorola Device Manager for Windows XP, Vista, & 7**
https://docs.google….Here is a link I created

**Motorola Device Manager for Mac OS 10.5, 10.6 & 10.7**
https://docs.google….Here is a link I created

**RAZR Edge Root Method** BY DjrBliss
https://docs.google…. Here is a link I created

**SafeStrap 3.XX for ICS Leaks** (Thank Hashcode for his great work)
http://blog.hash-of-…oads/safestrap/Download Section of Hashcode0f’s Blog

http://blog.hash-of-codes.comHashcode0f’s Blog Itself

**SafeStrap 2.11 for ICS Leak with Kexec Support** (Thank Hashcode for his great work)
https://docs.google….czFMd1pfMnp0ZFkThx Freddy0872

***Don’t Forget Your Google Apps***

**GAPPS: FOR ICS (CM9, AOKP and CM9 KaNgBaNg)***
https://docs.google…. Thx Freddy0872

**GAPPS: FOR JB (CM10 and ToRmEnTeD)**
https://docs.google…. Thx Freddy0872

***Roms You “Should” Flash In SafeStrap v2.XX or 3.XX***

***Motoblur Roms (ICS based) ***

Motoblur Roms’ known issues are very limited but you will miss out on the modifications of the aosp roms. Power Menu (reboot…etc) Pull down menu toggles (wifi, bt, GPS, data… etc) and dont try to correct me with the Notification Toggles app because it isn’t the same, although it is better than nothing, it clearly isn’t as good, No Theme Chooser or Battery Bar and the list goes on and on not to mention they seem to be quite a bit slower…

If you want a slightly modified, heavily stripped down, fully functioning, extremely debloated rom this is the way to go. The Devs did such a good job especially considering how small the Roms had to be.

Added 10-19-12** IcarusHD by T3T3droid and jp1044**

Added 10-17-12** Simpler Redhead by Sparkyman216 (.232 based)**

Added 10-17-12** RAg3 & Rag3 Blackout w/toggles v3.0 by SuperDallas

Updated 10-02-12**Liquid Smooth Blur V1.1R2 by SPJESTERhttp://www.droidrzr.com/index.php?/topic/4674-[Rom][Bionic]-*10-02-2012*-Lsmooth-Liquidblur-V1.2-Jmod—Bootstrap-Edition

Updated 247 based**Blackhole 1.0 by Sonofskywalker3 (updated by T3T3droid)**

***AOSP Roms**

Known aosp issues include, but aren’t limited to, the following: Screen glitch when switching between landscape and portrait, no working webtop which means lap dock won’t work, wifi tether works, generic ICS profile must be selected in the app’s options, but the phone will reset when the wifi tether shuts off, screenshots need to be cropped after you take them… AOSP roms are very fast and battery life seems to do very well (some better than others)

Updated(Nightlies) ** Targa Directory for Unofficial CM10/JB Rom Development by Hashcode**
http://rombot.org/ROMs/targa/ The King of Hardware Code Himself

[size=5]Added(10-9-12)**Unofficial CM9 ICS compiled by Pooka code by DH & Hash **
https://docs.google….Z0N6TERJOWdSS2c Thx Pooka

[color=#3399FF][size=5]**ROM: AOKP ICS LEAK by DHacker… needs ICS Gapps**
https://docs.google….xport=download [color=#B22222]Thx Milski65

***The Devs’ Threads… Replaced Download Links w/ the Dev’s Thread so you can find the most up to date version of their Rom. Chronological Order, I will keep this updated on a daily basis. I’ll add release dates and check for updates. If an older rom gets updated it’ll be moved to the top***Added 10-22-12— Synergy Rom— by Rootuser http://romdroidhacks.com/forums/index.php?/topic/271-[ROM][Bionic]-SYNERGY-rom-v1.0-New!!

Updated 10-22-12— Wizzed Bean— by Rootuser [/color] http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php?/topic/4633-[Rom]-[Bionic]-Wizzed-Bean-Jb-Aokp-V1.4-Update

Added 10-20-12— Red Tide Revenge JB AOKP— by Rootuserhttp://romdroidhacks.com/forums/index.php?/topic/259-[ROM][Bionic]-Red-Tide-Revenge-v1.0-JB-aokp-New!

— Icarus Hd — by jp1044 & T3T3Droid http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php?/topic/4914-[Rom][Bionic]-New!-Icarus-Hd-By-Jp1044-And-T3T3Droid

—RAg3 & Rag3 Blackout— by Superdallas http://romdroidhacks.com/forums/index.php?/topic/104-|-ROM-|-RAg3-|-BIONIC-|-Toggles-|-SuperDallas

— |BLACK| — by St3rdroids http://romdroidhacks…ack-st3rdroids/

—RedHead ReBirth— by Sparkman216 [/color]http://romdroidhacks…32-leak-bionic/

— BLaCK RoM — by St3rdroids modded by Sparkyman216 http://romdroidhacks…modded-getsome/

— Hashcode0f’s CM10/JB Rom Development — http://www.droidrzr….velopment-0914/

— Axiom Annihilated — by S.dubs http://www.droidrzr….om-annihilated/

— AxIoMcS Rebirth — by Sparkman216 http://romdroidhacks…s-rebirth-v-20/

— Smooth Kexec Kang — by Sparkman216 http://romdroidhacks…ang-cm9-bionic/

— LIQUIDSMOOTH CM9KEX V1.1(Kexec) — by SPJESTER http://www.droidrzr…c)-*v1.1*-Jmod

— LIQUIDSMOOTH CM9 V1.1 (Non-Kexec) — by SPJESTER — by Sparkman216 http://www.droidrzr…ec-*v1.1*-Jmod

— MotobeanICS 1.0 — by Shawn12350 http://www.droidrzr….motoicsbean-10/

— Speedlite — by jp1044 http://www.droidrzr….e-11-by-jp1044/

— Speedlite AOKP — by jp1044 http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php?/topic/4109-[Rom][Bionic]-*new*-Speedlite-Aokp-V1.0-8-25-By-Jp1044

— AliasAOKP v0.2 — by Tehsusenoh http://rootzwiki.com…(ICS-LEAK-only)

—Blackhole— by Sonofskywalker3 http://rootzwiki.com…strapbootstrap/

—Liquid *MR2.6* JMOD— by SP JESTER http://www.droidrzr….-ics-mr26-jmod/

—ToRmEnTeD— by Sparkyman216 http://www.droidrzr….tormented-kang/

—ChRONiK— by Superdallas Deleted in the Move to RomBot

—Liquid Smooth— by Liquid0624 : http://rootzwiki.com…5-rom-06272012/

—AOKP— ICS LEAK by DHacker Deleted in the Move to RomBot

***Backed Yourself Into A Corner?***

++House of Bionic++ by SamuriHL … Get to any ICS Leak without loosing data. Including OTA support (246)

++Safestrap-Bootstrap-Kexec-How-To’s-Q&A-&-Downloads ++ by Freddy0872

++My Identical Thread++ at Romdroidhacks.com

++My Identical Thread++at Droidrzr.com ***

***In The Mood To Mod Your Bionic***

***Tweakers OC*** by razz1

***Init.d For ICS Leaks*** by razz1

***New Governors*** by razz1

***Eternity Project Gov (kexec peeps) + I/O Scheduler*** by razz 1
http://rootzwiki.com…- -IO-SCHEDULER

*** [Reference][Following Explained] Kernel Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers, CPU Tweaks, AIO App Configs*** by Droidphile