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-[How to] get to 5.9.902 Rooted Easiest way FXZ .901/.902 compatible and.902 update

Certified tested an working new 5.9.902 fxz file for the .902 update so if you have bricked ur phone/want to remove root on your .902 updated phone or just having problems in general. You can now flash this fxz file to put your phone back to 5.9.902 and unbrick your phone. My FXZs have fixed over an estimated 500+ Bionics so far. For those that have installed and are running the .901 system version or are running either .886/.893 system versions due to flashing my FXZs all three FXZs can be flashed interchangeably so you don’t have to worry about incompatible FXZs So without further ado here are the steps (YOU MUST FOLLOW THE STEPS OR YOU WILL BRICK THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR PHONE I have had personal experience if you need my assistance my hours of avalibility Mondays 12 pm -6 pm and 2:30 am to 6 am Tuesday-Friday 2 pm – 8pm and 2:30 am to 6 am Saturday and Sunday 2pm -6 am pacific time)

!!Backups no longer needed both FXZs leave internal storage untouched!! Credit goes to theme developer Mbk for this fix in the FXZs XML file You will lose root once you flash either .886/.893 or .902 FXZ file an must use the exploit to get it back. Make sure you are in charge only an USB debugging is selected when rooting.

Step 1 download RSD lite 5.6 here http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta…7&d=1321414457
(you may have to run rds lite in xp compatibility mode for some windows operating systems)

Step 2 download the latest moto drivers if you dont have them

Step 3 Download the FXZ File from here http://www.4shared.com/zip/kQydtP-d/…75Verizon.html

Step 4 open RSD Lite and boot phone into ap fastboot ( Makes sure you have at least 80% battery life and a reliable usb port if flash fails at 1/20, .893 1/22 or .886 1/15 find a different usb port or a different computer)

Step 5 click the browse button on RSD Lite an find the 5.9.902 FXZ zip file that you downloaded an click uncompress and flash. the entire process will take at least 20-25 minutes (you must leave your phone plugged in untill the status on rds lite says finished. so when you start this just walk away an leave it alone or risk bricking your phone) p.s it will say in the last stages to manually reboot your phone just ignore it an it will go away in 60 sec. Also if you get a cdt error for some unexplained reason (AKA ap fastboot failure invalid cdt) you can fix it by downloading this file (FixCDT.zip – 4shared.com – online file sharing and storage – download )

Step 6 Download the Universal motorola phone exploit here motofail_windows.zip – 4shared.com – online file sharing and storage – downloadan then tada your done 

Optional step 7 The cheesecake apk can be downloaded here cheesecakev2.apk – 4shared.com – online file sharing and storage – download(I will add support to the FXZ files for any leaked updates but the FXZ Files will not put you back on the upgrade path if you have applied any leaked updates that will not become official OTAs)

“.893 FXZ Alternative I have created a 5.5.893 FXZ file that is compatible with the .886 /.902 FXZ and .901. also all three FXZs can be flash over one another interchangeably without errors. This FXZ is for those who wish to return to 5.5.893 or are having problems with the .902 system version ot just want to roll back because you liked it better you can download the FXZ here (http://www.4shared.com/zip/RGeDvHSe/…75Verizon.html) an follow the same steps as you would with the 5.9.902 FXZ

“.886 FXZ Alternative
 I have created a 5.5.886 FXZ file that is compatible with the 5.5.893/.902 FXZ and .901 update plus both 5.5.886 and 5.5.893/.902 FXZ files can be flash over one another interchangeably without errors. This FXZ is for those who wish to return to 5.5.886 or are having problems with the 5.5.893/.902 FXZ do to prior scripts being run and then flashing the 5.5.893/.902 FXZ over them. If you have applied any script prior to Flashing the 5.5.893 FXZ and it failed(Ex. bionic pathsaver or Dhackers forever root/restore) you must use the 5.5.886 FXZ. Because any other/listed rollback scripts you have run are incompatible with my 5.5.893 FXZ file an will brick your phone or will block root access. All you have to do is download the FXZ file from here (http://www.4shared.com/zip/x7_YomQY/…75Verizon.html) an follow the same steps as you would with the 5.9.902 FXZ

P.S I will be adding support to these fxz files for the next update that rolls out but hopefully the new update will be ICS

Please leave feedback on this thread to let people know that these are working FXZ files thank you 

Technical Support:
Answers: $1.00
Answers requiring Brain power: $2.00
Correct Answers: $3.00

Dumb looks for stupid questions: FREE

thought I would add a little humor to this post

For those that needed the update.zips to flash in stock recovery here they are

#2 – Flashing Your Device
All Flashing for 5.9.902 is done in STOCK recovery
a) Download the 5.5.893 to 5.9.902 upgrade file, or 5.9.901 to 5.9.902 patch for your respective system upgrade
place this in your SDCARD-EXT (the micro sd card) or you won’t find it in stock recovery
md5sum for the 5.5.893 to 5.9.902 upgrade is 7ae7e3d6e25bd19235107247ce57f825
md5sum for the 5.9.901 to 5.9.902 upgrade is 81aa48ea8d67b830a11ff727e6da284f

Note: Motorola update files are always named on the version you’re coming FROM
Since this can get confusing if you keep old files (e.g. the 5.5.893 to 901 upgrade is the same filename as 5.5.893 to 902), it is safe to rename them to something you prefer like BionicUpgrade.5.5.893.to.5.9.902.zip (do not uses spaces, use periods or underscores)

Everyone can get into fastbook/stock recovery, if you can’t then something is very wrong and that’s very unlikely.
- Turn phone off
- Press and hold BOTH volume up and down at the same time
- Press power button while holding BOTH volume up and down to get to Boot Mode Selection Menu
- Press down once to highlight RECOVERY
- Press up to select RECOVERY
- You should be on a screen with an android and a trigle with an ! in it, press BOTH volume up and down at the same time to see menu
- Select ‘apply update from sdcard’ by pressing volume down once, then power
- Find the 902 file you downloaded above (or893 update if you’re still on 886)
- If you’re on 5.5.886, flash 5.5.893 first, then flash 5.9.902
- If you’re on 5.5.893, flash 5.9.902

  • mongolious says:

    i tried to instal from the .902 version and i keep getting an error message. im on .893 rooted, from using the that latest root tool from zerg rush, do i need to unroot and then use the foreverroot method then update?

    • admin says:

      Just update then use motofail root

  • pizzle says:

    all of your FXZ files produce the error:

    Please check input file. Either XML format is wrong or image files associated with it are missing.

    I tried all three FXZ files your provided. I downloaded them multiple times on different machines. They all yield the same error.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      I would also try a different compu

      • pizzle says:

        I’m not sure what the issue was. I downloaded a different ROM and had the same issue so i figured it was something on my machine. I went to the Motorola site and downloaded the latest version of the drivers and their phone application then installed RSDLite 5.7. I also moved to a different USB port on my computer. After a reboot its flashing fine.